Trinity i845 (S2090) FAQ Updated 07/07/03

  1. What kind of power requirement is there for Trinity i845?

    While most competing Pentium 4 Processor-based system boards require an ATX 12V power supply, the Trinity i845 accepts a standard ATX power supply with required 30Amp. on 5V line. This design innovation enables you to install the Trinity i845 in your existing ATX chassis, saving you the expense of upgrading to a new power supply.

    NOTE - ATX 12V power supplies can be used on the Trinity i845 S2090. For those power supplies, you only need to use the 20-pin connector as shown from the image above. You will not need the 4-pin connector.
  2. Can I use 2x AGP video cards on my 845 chipset motherboard?

    Video cards which only support AGP 2X, are not compatible and might cause serious damage on 845 and 850 chipset motherboards due to over voltage. If your card is listed or designed PRIOR to these enlisted products, please do NOT plug it on your 845 and 850 boards.
  3. What kind of power supply am I supposed to use with this motherboard?

    This board is one of the few that will use a standard ATX 2.01 Power supply as long as it has 30 amps on the 5V line.  Most of our competitors need a special P4 power supply that has an extra power connector for the 12V to the motherboard.
  4. Do I need to install the INF utilities for Windows XP?

    You don't need to install the Intel INF since XP already has support for the i845
  5. Do I need to install the INF utilities for Windows 98, ME or Windows 2000?

    After fresh install of OS, install the Intel INF utility first so that the OS can find the i845 chipset.  Then install the Intel ATA-100 driver.

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