Trinity i845e (S2099) FAQ Updated 07/08/03

  1. Is there TYAN System Monitor support for this system board?

    Yes!  Please go to the following page for more details and software download.
  2. What is the pinout for the serial port (COM2)?

    Please see page
  3. Can I use 2x AGP video cards on my S2099 motherboard?

    Video cards that only support 2X AGP are not compatible with S2099 and may cause serious damage on 845E chipset motherboards due to over voltage. If your card is listed or designed PRIOR to these enlisted products, please do NOT plug it on your S2099 boards.
  4. Are there any special precautions regarding memory installation?

    - Be sure to refer to the S2099 User's Manual (Chapter 2.12 2.13)
    - Registered DDR memory can
    NOT be used on the S2099
    - ECC or non-ECC PC2100/DDR266 and PC1600/DDR200 memory are supported
    - The 845E chipset supports a maximum of four banks of DDR memory, but there are four DIMM sockets on the S2099 motherboard. Thus, the DIMM 1 and 2 support two banks of memory (one double-bank DDR module or two single-bank DDR modules), and the DIMM 3 and 4 support the other two banks.
  5. How do I identify if the DDR memory module is single or double-bank?

    Look at the memory module; if the memory chips are mounted on both sides of the module, it is usually double-bank.  On the other hand, memory module with memory chips on only one side is a single-bank module. Check your memory module supplier if you have any doubts.
  6. I install two DDR modules on DIMM1 and DIMM2, but the system only recognizes the module on DIMM1. Why?

    If the two modules you are using total over two memory banks (two double-bank modules, or one double-bank and one single-bank module), you have to install them on DIMM1 (or DIMM2) and DIMM3 (or DIMM4) for the system to recognize them properly. Please refer to Question 2 or the manual (Chapter 2.12 2.13)
  7. Where can I find Linux drivers for my Promise chip that is on the S2099 motherboard (PDC20276 IDE Raid)?

    All Linux based drivers are designed, maintained and released by the manufacturer of that device.  Only by going to the source of that device will you get drivers or support for those drivers.  You can find the Promise Linux based drivers by going to the following weblink: here

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