Tomcat i810ef (S2420) FAQ Updated 07/07/03

  1. Why can't I get my 1 GHz (or higher) Celeron to work with my P3 based motherboard?

    Starting in January of 2001 Intel added a 256k Cache Celeron to the market place.  These celeron cpu's start at 1GHz and go up to 1.3 GHz.  These cpu's can be identified as 1 A GHz/100 cpus or by the term FC-PGA2.  These cpu's are
    not compatible for the P3 line of motherboards from TYAN.  The serial numbers can be read directly on the cpu's themselves to determine if they are able to run on our P3 line of motherboards.

    The serial numbers included in this incompatible list are: SL5ZF, SL5VP, SL5XU, SL5XR, SL5VQ, SL5ZE, SL5XS, Sh5Y5, SL656, SL5VR, SL5ZJ

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