Thunder K7 (S2462) FAQ Updated 07/08/03

  1. What is the pinout for the serial port (COM2)?

    Please see page
  2. Is there any TYAN System Monitor support for this system board?

    Yes!  Please go to the following for detailed description and software download.
  3. Is there any power supply, chassis, or cooling recommendations?

    Yes!  Please check here for details and listings.
  4. Why does my system hang during POST with my Intel Pro/1000 MT Gigabit Ethernet card installed?

    This issue was fixed in an Intel® Boot Agent Firmware update. You need to run Intel® Boot Agent v1.1.07. It can be downloaded from the following link:
  5. Why doesn't the BIOS (Option ROM) for PCI device show during boot up?

    The cause of the problem is that in order to be PC Compatible, the Option Rom space is limited to 128K.  This is true for any motherboard with PC compatible BIOS.

    In the common configurations, a newer AGP card (such as a Geforce 4) will require 64K of option ROM space, so you have only 64K of option ROM space left to work with. Many SCSI, NIC with PXE, IDE RAID etc. can easily use another 40-64K of option ROM space.

    By design the option ROM should shrink down to a smaller run time code after the initialization code has run. For example, some Adaptec cards will require 32K to initialize. Then they shrink down to 12K at run time; whereas some Geforce 4 cards require 64K to initialize and never release it.  Please check with the device manufacturer for the latest firmware upgrade or ask if they have a smaller option ROM available. Again, this is a limitation of the PC compatible specifications and not a failure of the motherboard BIOS.
  6. How do I install my Thunder K7?

    You must first read through the manual to make sure you are properly installing the Thunder K7, and check Item 5 (see below). Otherwise you run the risk of damaging your board.

    Once installation is complete, you must use the enclosed TYAN Driver CD to install the proper drivers for the Thunder K7. Simply follow the menu that appears when the CD is run, and select the correct model number for your board. Then select each driver for installation.
  7. What is the proper way to install memory?

    Please check S2462 memory support page for details.
  8. Why can't I use my Adaptec 3200 RAID card on my motherboard?

    There are two (2) root causes to this problem.
    1. The Adaptec card must have a firmware revision of 3607or newer. This enables BBS support for the card. Please visit the link below for details: ct%2fASR-3200S&prodkey=ASR-3200S
    2. The IBM Ultrastar hard drives have a compatibility issue with the Adaptec 3200 RAID controller. IBM has a firmware update that can only be obtained by calling their tech support directly. You must request firmware update S96H.
  9. Do I need to set the FSB jumpers?

    No, the FSB jumpers are shipped set at 266MHz DDR by default. The only time you need to set is if you are troubleshooting a system that is not booting. The chart below has been provided for your reference (also available in the Thunder K7 Manual).

  10. Why doesn't my system power on when I press the power button?

    Prior to first power up, please install system peripherals using the peripheral power cables from the PSU,  and system fans using the following fan connectors on the m/b  - Fan1, J54, J90, J58, or J56. This will ensure that the minimum load of the power supply is met, and will assure successful system initialization during first power up.
  11. What is the instructions for S2462 Dual Monitor Support Using Onboard ATI Video in Windows 2000?

    Your BIOS must be at least version 2.07a

    1. Install Windows 2000 using onboard video.
    2. Install all related chipset drivers using the TYAN CD.
    3. Go into BIOS set primary video to PCI
    4. Add AGP card
    5. Install AGP card drivers. (Check with card mfg. For dual monitor support drivers)
    6. Reboot system & right click on desktop select properties.
    7. Choose settings. Here you should see both video card settings.
  12. Why can't I browse Network Neighborhood with my 3Com 3C996 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter?

    This is a driver issue with the 3c996 Gigabit Ethernet card and the AMD chipset.  3Com has released drivers to resolve this issue. The drivers are dated 12-18-01 & can be downloaded from or search for this driver at
  13. When I try to shut down my system in Win2000 with a Diamond SUP2260 PCI modem or an Accton Cheetah 10/100 NIC it reboots instead.

    This is a known issue with these cards. The card generates an unknown PME (Power Management Event). There is no solution at this time.
  14. Why does my system get no video or takes a long time to get video after I enable ECC?

    In order to ensure ECC integrity the BIOS must first write zeros to all system memory. This may take up to 3 min. depending on the amount of memory.
  15. Why does my system locks up when starting Adobe Photoshop® 5.x or when running photoshop 5.x tools and filters?

    Adobe Photoshop 5.x and older only supports Intel CPUs.  You will need to upgrade Photoshop to 6.0 or above for AMD CPU support.
  16. Why does my CD-ROM Drive show an exclamation in the system BIOS?

    This is a normal function of the Phoenix BIOS to indicate that bootable media was found in the CD-ROM Drive. (it indicates bootable media IS found)
  17. Why does my system reboot when I try to shutdown from Window 2000 or Window XP with a Firewire card installed?

    Adaptec has helped to find the root cause of the issue with their 4300 Firewire card.  In short the card generates a PME (Power Management Event) when the motherboard attempts to shutdown.  This is the same as giving the motherboard a WOL (Wake on LAN) signal.  For more information on this issue, you can see Adaptec's website.

    Go to
    On the top of the page, under Support, go to ASK knowledgebase
    Click on the texts under Find Answers
    At Search Text, type 011120-000004
    At Search By, select Article number
    The article will be listed, and you can click on it to view the complete Article

    TYAN has provided a BIOS that permanently disables WOL when the system is shutdown. This is included in BIOS version 2.10.
  18. Why does my system give an NMI/Parity Error blue screen when I apply the Nvidia Detonator 23.11 drivers?

    This particular error occurs in combination with:

    1)  Nvidia's latest Detonator XP v.23.11 drivers
    2)  Geforce 3 family of video cards
    3)  AMD's AGP drivers

    If all 3 of these listed items are used in conjunction with any AMD 760 chipset motherboard you will receive this error.  Most video card manufacturers modify the drivers for their cards.  Therefore, if you use the video card manufacturer's drivers or Nvidia Detonator v.22.xx drivers (or earlier versions) you will not encounter this error message.  More information & a workaround can be found on the newsgroups
  19. Why won't my CD-ROM or HDD boot?

    Check the jumper on your CD-ROM. If it is the only device on the channel it must be set to master.

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