Tiger LE (S2515) FAQ Updated 07/07/03

  1. What precaution should I take when flashing BIOS?

    If your BIOS chip has part number SST 28SF040A, DO NOT flash the chip with BIOS versions below V.1.04 ; otherwise, the older BIOS version would render your system inoperable.  See illustration.
  2. After I flashed the BIOS chip, why is my system not working?

    If your BIOS chip has part number SST 28SF040A and you flashed it with older versions of BIOS (below V.1.04), the chip will stop working.  It cannot be flashed again.  You will have to obtain a new BIOS chip.  The recommended chip vendor is BIOSWorld.
  3. I'm using console redirect on this board with Redhat Linux.  After upgrading to BIOS 1.05 or higher, I can no longer get into the CMOS setup like I could with BIOS 1.04 and below?

    Use the F4 key to get into the CMOS setup of BIOS's 1.05 and up, or use the DEL key for BIOS 1.04 and below.
  4. What is the USB header pin layout?

    If your S2515 has IDE RAID connector that look like the illustration, go i/o USB link for the layout.
  5. I upgraded the onboard ATI Rage XL video drivers for my S2515, and now, when I try to change the screen area above 640x480, the system locks up. What should I do?

    The ATI RAGE XL drivers posted on tyan.com are currently not WHQL certified. For proper operation, we recommend changing the VGA drivers back to the Windows 2000 Microsoft Certified drivers.
  6. Does my TYAN board support Linux operating systems?

    During pre-release testing, our compatibility engineers run our products through a battery of tests, including operating system installations. We currently perform basic installations of many operating systems including Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux. Although we do perform installations of these O/S's, we do not guarantee complete compatibility, primarily due to the open nature of the source code. As we do with all of our products, we strongly encourage you to purchase our products through reputable dealers that provide adequate return and service
    policies. At present, we do not provide technical support for Linux-based inquiries.
  7. I have an Intel heat sink and it doesn't fit correctly, what can I do?

    We do not endorse or warrantee any particular brand or brands currently on the market.  We do suggest that if you have issues you can look to Alpha Nova Tech and try the 2 models that they have (Pal14 and Pal15 models). This issue would only affect those not using a 1u chassis or a passive heat sink or fan.
  8. Why is my system not stable?

    Instability can be traced to many different causes.  The one cause most associated with instability is heat. 9 times out of 10 the heat sink is not installed properly on the cpu itself.  The heat sink must be installed perfectly
    flat upon the cpu with the proper amount of heat sink compound between the cpu and the heat sink.  There simply can be no daylight between the heat sink and the cpu.  The other issue is that the heat sink and fan simply are not rated high enough to disperse the heat from the cpu in a timely fashion.  Link below will have useful information for this particular board.

  9. Why can't I get the hardward monitoring software to work properly?

    You must first enter the hardware monitoring options in the bios and initialize it then reboot your system before the software will begin to function properly.
  10. Where can I find a manual or a quick start guide for the raid that is on my S2515 motherboard?

    The Promise Chip that is on this board is the Promise Fast Trak 100 chipset.  This chipset is equivalent to the FastTrak 100 adapter card.  The manual and quick start guide for that device can be found at the following weblink: here
  11. Where can I find Linux drivers for my Promise chip that is on this motherboard?

    For the S2515, the onboard raid is equivilant to a Promise Fast Trak 100 stand alone card.  All Linux based drivers are designed, maintained and released by the manufacturer of that device.  Only by going to the source of that device will you get drivers or support for those drivers.  You can find the Promise Linux based drivers by going to the following weblink: here

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