Thunder i840 (S2520) FAQ Updated 07/07/03

  1. Why does USB banged in device manager when I install Win2K?

    If you install Win2K, enable ACPI and APM in BIOS to prevent USB banged in device manager.
  2. Intel Coppermine FC-PGA processors come in 1.65v and 1.70v core voltage. Can I mix and match the different core voltages?

    No. The S2520 Thunder i840 will not POST when running CPUs with different core voltages. TYAN recommends running Intel CPUs with matching S-Spec numbers. [ ]
  3. I want to be able to boot from either SCSI or IDE hard disk drives, what do I need to do?

    Go to the Boot menu of the CMOS setup and change the option "Allow card to trap INT 19" to YES. After doing that, you then set the boot order by selecting which hard disk drive you want to boot from.
  4. I upgraded the onboard ATI Rage XL video drivers, and now, when I try to change the screen area above 640x480, the system locks up. What should I do?

    The ATI RAGE XL drivers posted on are currently not WHQL certified. For proper operation, we recommend changing the VGA drivers back to the Windows 2000 Microsoft Certified drivers.
  5. Why does my retail Intel heat sink and fan not fit on my motherboard?

    Currently Intel has changed the configuration of their 1 gig heat sink and fan combination.  This heat sink and fan combo currently will not fit correctly on any TYAN motherboard.  If you have this problem we suggest you use a heat sink and fan combo from Alpha Nova Tech.  The part number is PAL 6035.  This combination has been tested and found to fit in all the current TYAN layout designs.
  6. Does my TYAN system board support Linux operating systems?

    During pre-release testing, our compatibility engineers run our products through a battery of tests, including operating system installations. We currently perform basic installations of many operating systems including Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux. Although we do perform installations of these O/S's, we do not guarantee complete compatibility, primarily due to the open nature of the source code. As we do with all of our products, we strongly encourage you to purchase our products through reputable dealers that provide adequate return and service policies. At present, we do not provide technical support for Linux-based inquiries.
  7. Why isn't my system stable?

    Instability can be traced to many different causes.  The one cause most associated with instability is heat.  9 times out of 10 the heat sink is not installed properly on the cpu itself.  The heat sink must be installed perfectly flat upon the cpu with the proper amount of heat sink compound between the cpu and the heat sink.  There simply can be no daylight between the heat sink and the cpu.  The other issue is that the heat sink and fan simply are not rated high enough to disperse the heat from the cpu in a timely fashion. 
  8. Why can't I use my Raid card or my SCSI card with the onboard SCSI?

    Unless you have a BBS compliant Raid or SCSI card you will not be able to use it on this motherboard.  ONLY BBS compliant cards are supported with this motherboard.
  9. Why does my IDE Led light stay on constantly when I disable the SCSI from the bios?

    You must jumper the SCSI off in order for this not to happen.  Simply turning it off in the bios will not completely shut off the SCSI options.

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