Trinity i7205 (S2662) FAQ Updated 10/24/05

  1. Is there TYAN System Monitor support for this system board?

    Yes!  Please go to the following page for more details and software download.
  2. Why will my Adaptec 2200S SCSI Raid card not allow my system to POST when it is installed?

    Adpatec has released a new firmware flash update to address compatibility issues with the Intel i75xx chipset.  The updated firmware can be found at: English+US&cat=/Product/ASR-2200S&filekey=2200s_fw_up_vB6003.exe
  3. Why does the system only show 3.5 GB of memory when I have 4.0 GB of memory installed?

    Under the current PC memory addressing, there is a memory area just below 4.0 GB which is reserved permanently.  The reserved area is for system BIOS to put APIC, ACPI Table, PCI Devices', Resources and AGP aperture information.  When your system DRAM is 3.5 GB or lower, the system will show that the same amount of memory has been implemented.  However, if the system DRAM is above 3.5 GB of memory, the actual amount of memory that the system shows will be less due to the reserved area.  Regardless of memory size, the reserved memory addressing is always present, but only when the DRAM rises above the 3.5 GB amount will that area become visible.
  4. Why does my memory test program lock up when I use 4.0 GB of memory but runs fine with anything less?

    The memory test utility accesses the reserved memory address area.  When the program accesses this area, it causes the system to be unstable and locks up.

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