Tiger i7505 (S2668) FAQ Updated 10/24/05

  1. Is there TYAN System Monitor support for this system board?

    Yes!  Please go to the following page for more details and software download.
  2. What kind of Power Supply can I use with the Tiger i7505 (S2668)?

    You should be able to use any EPS12V or ATX12V compliant Power Supply with the Tiger i7505 (S2668). However, If you plan to use an ATX12V Power Supply, all 3 power connectors (ATX12V 20-pin, ATX12V 4-pin, and the AUX 4-pin) must be installed, and TYAN HIGHLY RECOMMENDS using of the 400Watt-equipped or above Power Supplies.
  3. Why will my Adaptec 2200S SCSI Raid card not allow my system to POST when it is installed?

    Adpatec has released a new firmware flash update to address compatibility issues with the Intel i75xx chipset.  The updated firmware can be found at:  http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/driverdetail.html?sess=no&language= English+US&cat=/Product/ASR-2200S&filekey=2200s_fw_up_vB6003.exe
  4. Is there any power supply, chassis, or cooling recommendations?

    Yes!  Please check here for details and listings.
  5. Can I use 2x AGP video cards on my S2668 motherboard?

    Video cards that only support AGP 2X, are not compatible and might cause serious damage on E7505 chipset motherboards due to over voltage. If your card is listed or designed PRIOR to these enlisted products, please do NOT plug it on your S2668 boards.
  6. Are there any special precautions regarding memory installation?

    Make sure that the memory you have is compatible with the motherboard as well as the processor.  For example, DDR200 and DDR266 memory modules can be used for FSB=400MHz Intel Xeon processors but only DDR266 memory modules can be used for FSB=533MHz Intel Xeon processors.
  7. Why does the system only show 3.5 GB of memory when I have 4.0 GB of memory installed?

    Under the current PC memory addressing, there is a memory area just below 4.0 GB which is reserved permanently.  The reserved area is for system BIOS to put APIC, ACPI Table, PCI Devices', Resources and AGP aperture information.  When your system DRAM is 3.5 GB or lower, the system will show that the same amount of memory has been implemented.  However, if the system DRAM is above 3.5 GB of memory, the actual amount of memory that the system shows will be less due to the reserved area.  Regardless of memory size, the reserved memory addressing is always present, but only when the DRAM rises above the 3.5 GB amount will that area become visible.
  8. Why does my memory test program lock up when I use 4.0 GB of memory but runs fine with anything less?

    The memory test utility accesses the reserved memory address area.  When the program accesses this area, it causes the system to be unstable and locks up.
  9. Where can I find a manual or a quick start guide for the raid that is on my S2668 motherboard?

    The Promise Chip that is on this board is the PDC20378 chipset.  This chipset is equivalent to the FastTrack S150 TX2plus adapter card.  The manual and quick start guide for that device can be found at the following weblink: here
  10. Where can I find Linux drivers for my Promise chip that is on the S2668 motherboard (PDC20378 SATA Raid)?

    All Linux based drivers are designed, maintained and released by the manufacturer of that device.  Only by going to the source of that device will you get drivers or support for those drivers.  You can find the Promise Linux based drivers by going to the following weblink: here

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