Thunder K8QS Pro (S4882) FAQ Updated 10/06/05

  1. Will my S4882 support AMD Dual Core CPU's? Why does my S4882 motherboard not support Dual Core CPU's when the TX46 (B4882) does? What is the difference between the S4882 and S4882-D?

    AMD's engineers and FAE's have stated that third party motherboards might be able to support AMD's Dual Core CPU's as long as they have the right processor power design (i.e. VRM) and BIOS. The bios support is not the concern for this particular issue. Technically, the S4882 will support dual core 800 series Opteron CPUs, however, due to thermal restrictions and concerns, Tyan will not validate any configuration created when using a chassis other than the Transport TX46.

    When this motherboard is run outside of a controlled enclosure (i.e. the Transport chassis TX46), Tyan cannot anticipate all of the possible variations that would be presented for thermal concerns. The Transport chassis (TX46) does have a set of variables that are completely controlled so we do not have to worry about other factors. Tyan completely controls all aspects of air flow and temperature and power design so that there are no issues with Dual Core Support.  Because the motherboard alone does not have this level of control in design variations, this is why Tyan cannot support the same solution for the regular distribution motherboard (S4882).

    The main difference in the S4882 vs S4882-D is the support of quad rank memory modules. The S4882 will not support quad rank memory modules, while the S4882-D will.

    As with any system build, customers are advised to ensure that they meet all thermal guidelines laid down by AMD in regards to safe system and CPU operation, including attention to environment temperatures and airflow. Customers should note that while the S4882 is compatible with dual core 800 series Opteron processors, Tyan is not held liable or responsible for damage to systems resulting from failure of the system builder to take note of thermal requirements for safe system and CPU operation."

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