Trinity i875P (S5101) FAQ Updated 09/08/03

  1. Where can I find a manual or a quick start guide for the raid that is on my S5101 motherboard?

    The Promise Chip that is on this board is the PDC20378 chipset.  This chipset is equivalent to the FastTrack S150 TX2plus adapter card.  The manual and quick start guide for that device can be found at the following weblink: here
  2. What kind of memory speeds can I use with this motherboard


    DDR DIMM Type

    Memory Frequency


    PC3200, PC2700*, PC2100

    400, 333*, 266 MHz


    PC2700, PC2100

    333, 266 MHz



    266 MHz

    * When using 800MHz CPU FSB, PC2700 DDR DIMMS may run only at 320MHz (not 333MHz) due to chipset limitations.
  3. Why can't I get my USB 2.0 drivers to install with my motherboard under Windows 2000?

    Make sure that when you are installing your drivers through the Device Manager, you are picking the correct files to have the OS install.  If you use the Intel_8xx/i8xx_usb2/ich5/2kxp/echi with the USB 2.0 drivers.  It should select the USB2x.inf and then install the sytsem files.  However if you pick the USB2.0 folder instead of the ICH5 folder and pick the USB2.inf you will be greated with message from the installer saying that this is not the right driver.
  4. Why can't I get my USB 2.0 ports to work correctly under Windows XP?

    The For Windows XP users, you will need to install the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1A to enable the USB 2.0 support.  You can find this information by going to the following weblink: asp
  5. What's the pinout for the front panel audio header (J2)?

    Please see the addendum here

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