Thunder HEsl-T  (S2688)  FAQ Updated 10-17-2001

  1. Should I use one or two SDRAM modules in order to start the system?

    You should use TWO registered SDRAM modules in order to start the system. The S2688 incorporates a two-way interleaved memory design to increase overall system performance.

  2. When I use two CPUs, why doesn't my board boot up?

    Please check the LED as circled in the picture. 
    If it lights up, it is a warning that the two CPUs have different voltage.  Fix: use only the same voltage CPUs for dual-CPU mode.

  3. If I want to use PIII 256K L2 Cache CPU, is there any spcecial note?

    Yes, the Thunder HEsl-T (S2688) only supports ONE PIII 256K L2 Cache CPU.  Please also see the special note about using single CPU below.
  4. If I want to use ONE CPU on this board, which socket should I use?

    The socket to use when installing ONE CPU is indicated by the green circle.  This applies to all CPU types supported (PIII Coppermine, PIII 256K L2 Cache, PIII 512K L2 Cache).

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