Titan Pro / Tacoma  (S1662 / S1668 / S1672)  FAQ - Updated 6-26-98

  1. Why isn't there any external cache?
    The Intel Pentium Pro Processor includes a built in L2 cache of 256 or 512K thus eliminating the need for a secondary external cache on the motherboard.
  2. What are VRMs?
    A VRM is an IC controlled voltage regulator required by newer Pentium Pro processors to operate properly.  The CPU will program the VRM according to it's voltage needs.  Running without a VRM may cause damage to the system and or CPUs.  Be aware that older Pentium Pro CPUs may not need a VRM.  Contact Intel or your dealer for more information.
  3. J1 - Power:  How do I get it?
    On Tyan Pentium Pro ATX boards prior to PCB-03, J1 is not a soft power switch.   J1 will only act as an on/off switch if you use a conventional toggle switch.  With a momentary switch, J1 functions as a reset

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