FAQ - RMA / Repair / Replacement


  1. What is TYAN's RMA procedure?
    If the motherboard(s) you have is defective and requires a repair or replacement then please first contact your vendor/distributor.  Normally, they will be able to assist you for a RMA in a quicker time frame.  However if your vendor/distributor is unable to support you, then please contact TYAN Tech Support ( techsupport@tyan.com) to start the RMA process.  The average turn around time for a standard RMA is about 1 week.  TYAN Tech Support can be reached by email at techsupport@tyan.com

    Out of Warranty RMA Request
    If you have lost the receipt to your product, your warranty has expired, or purchased the product from third party vendors or auction sites, you product falls under the Out of Warranty RMA category.  If you wish to have such a product repaired by Tyan, please read the information below.
    * Tyan will charge a flat fee of $75 to fix basic functionality or cosmetic problems with the motherboard, which includes services for repair, replaced/fixed parts, and shipping back to the customer.  
    *  Each motherboard will be determined on a case by case basis by the RMA department if it is capable of being fixed.  If it is not, Tyan will keep a $25 service charge and allow a $50 credit to the customer with the return of the motherboard.
    * Typical problems Tyan RMA will fix: broken sockets, broken DIMM slots, broken PCI slots, broken IDE connectors, broken solder joints on PS/2 ports, and so on.

  2. Which RMA dept. do I contact if I live in Europe, Middle East, or Africa?
    DOAs For all European, Middle East or African based RMA's ONLY, please send all information to the rma@tyan.de email address.  Phone number for Tech Support and RMA support for European customers is 49 8136 939548
  3. Which RMA department do I contact if I live in South East Asia?
    If you are needing to RMA a product in the S.E. Asian area ONLY, please send a request to rose.huang@tyan.com.tw email address. .
  4. I have a DOA motherboard, what do I do with it now?
    Any DOA motherboard should be thoroughly tested to insure that there are no basic components that are responsible for this behavior (i.e. power supply, chassis, CPU's, memory and video).  If the motherboard does indeed turn out to be DOA then the board should be immediately returned to your vendor/distributor for swap out.
  5. I need a BIOS chip replaced.  Where can I get this done at?
    TYAN is not able to sell replacement BIOS chips directly to the end user. You can go to www.biosman.com and order any of the bios chips for all of our products.  Please visit Biosman for BIOS replacement orders.
  6. Who do I contact about a refund or a credit for a TYAN product?
    TYAN does not directly sell products to end users.  If you are in need of a refund or a credit then you'll need to talk directly to the vendor/distributor that you originally purchased the product from.  TYAN will not be able to directly credit or refund any product that is purchased from a 3rd party vendor/distributor.
  7. Who do I contact about support for my TYAN product?
    End Users should contact their place of purchase for technical support.  The website as well as the automated FAQ response system will have many suggestions that can be attempted in order to find solutions to common problems.  You can look on the website for FAQ's or email the techsupport@tyan.com address for additional resources.  Engineering level support is available from TYAN directly on a prearranged basis.  If the dealer is not able to help you, then have your dealer/vendor contact TYAN on your behalf to arrange for engineering level support.

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