• FAQ - Sales
  • Where can I buy TYAN products?
    Visit our contacts section for a dealer near you.  TYAN does not sell to end users, resellers or mail order houses directly.  TYAN only sells directly to distributors and OEM partners.
  • I'm a reseller.  Can I buy directly from TYAN?
    It depends on your requirements.  You should visit our "Where to Buy" section to find a distributor in your area or call our sales department at (510) 651-8868 for large quantity orders.
  • What can I do if my dealer isn't supporting me?
    Contact your reseller and get any pertinent information, such as invoice numbers, date of purchase, problem reports, names (very important) and a means of contact. 

    Get this information to our sales team by faxing your dealer complaints to (510) 651-7688.  Please include your complete contact information and a short description of your problem.  Please attention your faxes to the "Dealer Complaint Department"

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