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  USB FAQs :

  1. Where can I get a USB adapter?
    You should order an USB adapter from the dealer that you purchased your motherboard.  If they do not carry the item, they will be able to special order it for you.  Please visit a local reseller near you.
  2. Where can I get USB drivers for Windows 95?
    If you need USB drivers for Windows95 please contact Microsoft customer support or your software dealer.   We are not able to provide the software without infringing on Microsoft's license agreement.  TYAN IS NOT AN OEM.

    In order to take advantage of USB, you will need Windows95 OSR 2.x AND the USBSUPP.EXE support file.  You need to get this from your system integrator or from Microsoft OEM Services.

    Any questions regarding USB patches, fixes, or drivers for Microsoft Operating Systems should be directed to Microsoft.

    (Hint: If you can't get this file from any of your sources, try searching for USBSUPP.EXE through any popular search engine.)
  3. USB_pinsWhat is the USB header pin layout?

    Pin 1 - VCC (+5V)
    Pin 2 - DATA-
    Pin 3 - DATA+
    Pin 4 - GND
    Pin 5 - GND


    Special case: S2515 with IDE RAID connectors look like the

    Pin 1 - VCC (+5V)
    Pin 2 - DATA-
    Pin 3 - DATA+
    Pin 4 - GND


    Special case: 
    For all AMD 760 MP and 760 MPX
    based motherboards:

    Pin 1 - VCC (+5V)
    Pin 3 - DATA-
    Pin 5 - DATA+
    Pin 7 - GND
    Pin 9 - GND

    Pin 2 - GND
    Pin 4 - GND
    Pin 6 - DATA+
    Pin 8 - DATA-
    Pin 10 - VCC (+5V)

  4. Where can I purchase USB cables?
    You may purchase USB cables from:
    www.belkin.com Belkin USB Cable Part # : F3U001

    Both of these cables have been tested and approved by Tyan technicians.
  5. Where can I purchase USB connectors?
    You may purchase USB connectors from:

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