Pentium II Xeon Installation Guide
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Before installing the Pentium II Xeon, you should first install the motherboard into your case.  Make sure that your case / chassis is compatible with Intelīs Marlin Spike MS440GX Slot2 chassis!

  Installing the Retention Brace

Step 1:  To install the retention braces, locate the small retention brace holes near the ends of the CPU slots on the board (see left figure below).

Step 2:  Line up the pins on the bottom of the brace with the holes (see right figure below).  At the same time, make sure the chassis bolts are in line with the bolt holes of the retention brace.  There is only one correct orientation for the modules to be set properly.

S1952 RPins

S1952 Holes

Step 3:  Set the braces in place and fasten them to the bolt using a nut.  Do not overtighten the nut as you may damage the retention brace and / or the motherboard.  The finished result should look like the figure below.


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