Pentium II Xeon Installation (continued)
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  Installing the Processor

Step 1: 
Before plugging the CPU(s) into the slot, you must attach a handle to each CPU (see left figure below).  The handles secure the alignment of the CPUs with each slot and lock the CPUs in place between the retention braces.

S1952 RHandle2

S1952 RHandle1

Step 2:  On each side of the handle is a small hook that fits nicely into the notches on the sides of the CPU (see right figure above).  Slide the handle over the top side of the CPU until the handle snaps into place (see left figure below).
S1952 CPU_H

  Inserting the CPUs

Step 3a:  For CPU1, attach the handle to the top of CPU.  Align the handle so that the screw holes of the handle are on the OPPOSITE side of the cooling fan (see left figure below).

Step 3b:  For CPU2, attach the handle to the top of the CPU.  Align the handle so that the screw holes of the handle are on the SAME side of the cooling fan (see right figure below).

S1952 CPU_H2

S1952 CPU_H1

Step 4a:  (For CPU1) When the handle is securely installed, slide CPU1 between the two retention braces and onto the CPU1 slot.  Make sure that the fan or heat sink is facing away from the edge of the motherboard.  Press down firmly until the CPU rests securely in the slot (see left figure below).

Step 4b:  (for CPU2)  Repeat step 4a.  Slide the CPU2 into the CPU2 slot instead of the CPU1 slot.

S1952 Fan

S1952 CPU Insert

Step 5:  If you have an active cooling processor, you will need to connect the CPU´s fan cable to the fan power connector on the motherboard.  Refer to your motherboard manual for the location of the fan power connector.  Plug the CPU fan cable into the connector.  There will be a plastic clip assembly similar to that of the ATX power connector that will force you to connect the fan cable correctly.  See right figure above.

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