Recommendations for Thunder i860 (S2603)


Chassis Vendors Recommended



Contact Information


Eagle 2261, Eagle 3200,
Eagle 4201, Eagle 4261

T: 510.656.5475 / F: 510.656.5477


SR205, SR101/2/3/4

Sales and information (US)
T: 909.947.3200 / T: 714.646.0266
Sales and Information (Asia)
T: +886-2-8226-5500 / F: +886-2-8226-5423
Sales and Information(Europe)
T: +31-40-295-2045 / F: +31-40-295-2044

Evercase USA Inc.


Mr. Mark Lin (US):
T: 408.894.9003  ext.110 F: 408.894.9007
Ms. Grace Yi (Asia):
T: +886-2-8751-8578 ext.19
Mr. Frances Yeh (Europe):
T: +886-2-8751-8578 ext.48

Lite-on Enclosure, Inc.


Mr. Norman Liu:
T: 909.869.6319 x113

Note: The listed chassis' above have been tested by their respective manufacturers for compatibility with our applicable system boards. For details regarding power supply, thermal performance, riser card compatibility and more, we encourage you to contact the chassis manufacturers directly.  Please check with the vendors on detailed reports and other chassis offerings if required. Recommendation of chassis does not equate to recommendation of the bundled power supply or other accessories by the manufacturer.  Chassis recommendation is limited to chassis enclosure only (i.e. chassis without power supply).

Power Supplies Recommended



Contact Information

PC Power and Cooling

Turbo-Cool 510 S2

Email: /
T: 800-722-6555 / 760-931-5700 / F: 760-931-6988

Zippy Technology Corp.

6HP2-460B020 (460W)

Mr. John Liu (US West):
T: 949.366.9525 x129 / F: 949.366.9526
Edward Cheng (US East):
T: 973.463.9499 / F: 973.453.8014
Email (Asia):
T: +886-2-2918-8512 / F: +886-2-2915-5765

Only RECOMMENDED POWER SUPPLY should be used.  Use of any other type of power supply is not recommended.
For more detailed information on how to connect the power supply, please view

Heatsink/Cooling Devices Recommended



Contact Information



Mr. Benjamin Finn:
T: 510.490.7533 / F: 510.490.7931

Cooler Master

DP4-6I11, DP4-6I51

Email (Fremont):
T: 510.770.8566 / F: 510.770.0855
Email (LA):
T: 909.598.0239 / F: 909.598.1808
Taiwan HQ:
T: +886-2-32340050 / F: +886-2-32340051


DC1206BM-V/X (1U cooler)

Ms. Adeline Yong (US):
T: 510.498.8888 x112 / F: 510.498.8488
Sales & General Info. (HQ):
T: +886-2-27000388 / F: +886-2-27000389



Taiwan HQ:
T: 886.2.2698.1165 / F: 886.2.2698.1169
T: 650.655.7203 / F: 650.655.7201


 About the Cooling Fan Requirements

Once Intel Xeon™ CPU has been installed, it is important that the proper cooling device be installed correctly.  To that end, Intel has provided a PWT Cooling Device for your convenience.

Be very sure that the heatsink of the PWT is firmly seated on the CPU so as to provide 100% contact between the heatsink and the CPU die.

Be sure that the heatsink clamps are properly installed on the CPU socket (the heatsink is clamped down on the CPU) to prevent rocking.

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