Recommendations for Thunder K8SD Pro (S2882-D)


Power Supplies Recommended



Contact Information

Antec, Inc.

True 550

T: 888-54-ANTEC [26832] / T: 510.770.1288

Zippy (Emacs)

EPS12V 550w single PSM-6550P
EPS12V 700w single PSM-6701P
EPS12V 800w single PSM-6800P

Mr. John Liu (US West):
T: 949.366.9525 x129 / F: 949.366.9526
Edward Cheng (US East):
T: 973.463.9499 / F: 973.453.8014
Email (Asia):
T: +886-2-2918-8512 / F: +886-2-2915-5765

 Only POWER SUPPLY Recommended should be used.  Use of any other type of power supply is not recommended.

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