Recommendations for Tomcat i845GV (S3098)


 * = Models that are currently testing by vendors

Chassis Vendors Recommended



Contact Information


ECR9138S30 (up to 3.06G)

Mr. Mark Lin (US):
T: 408.894.9003  ext.110 F: 408.894.9007
Ms. Grace Yi (Asia):
T: +886-2-8751-8578 ext.19
Mr. Frances Yeh (Europe):
T: +886-2-8751-8578 ext.48


CS103Rn (up to 2.53G)

Mr. Tony Chen (world wide):
T: +886-2-8647-2200

Note: The listed chassis' above have been tested by their respective manufacturers for compatibility with our applicable system boards. For details regarding power supply, thermal performance, riser card compatibility and more, we encourage you to contact the chassis manufacturers directly.  Please check with the vendors on detailed reports and other chassis offerings if required. Recommendation of chassis does not equate to recommendation of the bundled power supply or other accessories by the manufacturer.  Chassis recommendation is limited to chassis enclosure only (i.e. chassis without power supply).

Heatsink / Cooling Devices Recommended



Contact Information

Cooler Master

E1U-NPESC-03, E1U-NPESC-30, E1U-N7BCC-03

Email (Fremont):
T: 510.770.8566 / F: 510.770.0855
Email (LA):
T: 909.598.0239 / F: 909.598.1808
Taiwan HQ:
T: +886-2-32340050 / F: +886-2-32340051



Mr. Kenny Kwong (USA):
T: +510.824.0888 / F: 510.824.0893
Sales information (Europe/Asia):
T: +886-4-732-3090 / F: +886-4-7383155

 Only Heatsink/Cooling Devices Recommended should be used.  Use of any other type of heatsink/cooling device is not recommended.

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