RAID - Implementations
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The follow are a few types of RAID implementations:  Software-based RAID, Hardware-based RAID, and External Hardware RAID





Software-ba sed RAID

Included in NOSs such as NetWare and Windows NT.  All RAID functions are handled by the host CPU which can severly tax its ability to perform other conputations.

* Low price
* Only requires a SCSI card

Hardware-b ased RAID

Processor-intensive RAID operations are offloaded from the host CPU to enhance performance

* Data protection and performance
* Mor robust fault- tolerance features and increased performance versus software-based RAID

External Hardware RAID Card

Connects to the server via a standard SCSI card.  RAID functions are performed on a microprocessor located in the external RAID storage subsystem

* OS independent
* Will work with any OS
* Build super high-capacity storage systems for high-end servers

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