RAID - Zero Channel
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What is Zero Channel RAID?

    A type of RAID implementation in which a PCI RAID controller is designed to use the on-board SCSI channels of a motherboard to implement a cost-effective Hardware RAID solution.  The following are the two standards that enable such a design.

    1. RAIDport - Adaptec Standard (ARO-1130xx series)
      RAIDport connector "behind" a PCI slot
    2. SISL (System Interrupt Steering Logic) - Industry Standard
      A dedicated PCI slot with SISL implementation
      -  Mylex AcceleRAID 200 series
      -  AMI MegaRAID Express762 series
    3. RAIDIOS - Intel RAID I/O Steering Specification
      - Supported on PCI or PCI-X bus technologies
      - Supported on most Adaptec chipsets

      Further FAQ's for RAIDIOS technology can be found at:

The figure below shows the difference between a regular RAID Adapter and a Zero Channel RAID Adapter.  Visit here for information on Adaptec's SCSI RAID 2000S.

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