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Ultra160 SCSI is a specific implementation of Ultra3 SCSI standard as defined by the SCSI Trade Association (STA) Resolution.  The Ultra160 builds upon Ultra2 SCSI technology which protects the customer's investment and ensures a smooth transition to Ultra160.

A key advantage of this new interface is its ability to utilize both Ultra2 and Ultra160 devices on the same bus, through the use of existing cables, connectors and terminators.

Ultra 160 position SCSI ralative to UDMA66, positions SCSI relative to Fibre Channel (125 MB/s), and eliminates confusion with SCSI-3.
  Key Features / Benefits Include :

  • Double Transition Clocking = Performance
    • Features:
      1. Data is transferred over the SCSI bus using a double transition clock
      2. Double transition clocking increases the speed of the data lines
      3. This results in a doubling of the data transfer rate - twice as fast as Ultra2
    • Benefits:
      1. Enables Ultra160 to achieve 160 MB/s transfer rates
      2. Increased data rate means better performance for environments that utilize large transfer lengths or have many devices on a single bus.
  • Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC) = Enhanced data integrity
    • Features:
      1. Verifies that the transferred data is received correctly
      2. Provides extra data protection, beyond that of parity checking
    • Benefits:
      1. Increased data reliability - checks all transferred data after the transfer is completed
  • Domain Validation = Improved manageability
    • Features:
      1. Tests the SCSI network and allows an initiator to renegotiate speeds if the current parameters fail the validation
      2. System components are automatically tested by the host using a communication check.
    • Benefits:
      1. Provides testing of cable plant for correct operation
      2. Manages device connections to ensure availability
  • Backwards compatibility

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