SECC2 Pentium II Installation Guide (continued)
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  Installation (option 1):

Step 1:
  Set the retention braces properly against the sides of the CPU.  The lower tabs of the aluminum heat sink and the bottom corners of the plastic enclosure should loosely fit within the two slits of the braces. 

The figures below show the top view and side view of a retention brace fitted against one side of the SECC2 CPU.



Top View

Bottom View

Step 2:  When both braces are properly positioned, press both braces against the sides of the CPU and carefully lift them over the CPU slot on the motherboard.  Warning - the braces are loosely held against the CPU, they can easily fall off.  You must hold both braces against the CPU while lifting all three components above the motherboard.  (see below)

SECC2 Insert

Step 3:  Be sure to line up the holes of the retention brace with the screws protruding from the motherboard.  At the same time, make sure the CPU is lined up with the CPU slot.  Lower the three components onto the motherboard.  The screws on the motherboard should fit through the holes of the retention braces and the CPU should fit into the slot.  Secure the retention braces with the nuts provided in the package.  The end result should look like the figure below.

SECC2 Installed

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