SECC2 Pentium II Installation Guide
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SECC2 And PIIThe major physical difference between the SECC (left image) and SECC2 (right image)  form factor is the presence of a thermal plate.  The SECC2 processors are built without the thermal plate - as a result, the direct thermal interface with the processor core allows for better cooling.  Due to this physical difference, CPU installation with the retention module differ among the Pentium II form factors.


SECC2On both sides of the SECC2 CPU reside the lower tabs of the aluminum heat sink and the bottom corners of the plastic CPU enclosure (see left figure).  The tabs and corners should fit into the retention braces.

SECC2 BracketsCurrently, the retention module recommended for securing the SECC2 CPU is included in the motherboard package.  The retention braces consist of two small components that resemble `book-endsī.  (see left figure).

Warning:  DO NOT first screw the retention braces on the motherboard by themselves.  If you do, you will have difficulties inserting the CPU into the retention braces and the CPU slot.

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