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TYAN v128 2015 Jul Newsletter


TYAN announces the launch of the first commercialized OpenPOWER system (Code named 'Habanero')!

TN71-BP012 (Habanero) : 2U Server supporting IBM POWER8 processor

After an intense few months of hard work, TYAN is happy to announce the first commercialized OpenPOWER system – Habanero (TN71-BP012) is ready for release. Customers are welcome to contact their sales representatives for information on ordering and availability.

The TYAN TN71-BP012 is supported by the open resources of the OpenPOWER Foundation community. This support enables end users to deploy software tailored to their specific requirements. It is a 2U system that contains (1) IBM® POWER8 Turismo SCM processor, (32) 240-pin R-DDR3 1600/1333Mhz ECC DIMM slots, (14) 2.5" /3.5" hot-swap HDD, (4) HH PCI-E Gen.3 slots, and a (4) 10GBASE-T Mezzanine Card. With tremendous memory capacity and high-end computing performance, TYAN’s OpenPOWER system provides another approach for users to run their applications in an innovative, optimized, and flexible way, targeting HPC or datacenter applications.

  • (1) IBM® POWER8 Turismo SCM processor
  • (32) 240-pin R-DDR3 1600/1333Mhz w ECC DIMM
  • (14) 2.5" /3.5" hot-swap HDD
  • (4) HH PCI-E Gen.3 slots
  • (4) 10GBASE-T w/Mezz Card    [Details...]



New Product Debut

FT76-B7922: 4U4S Server Platform with supporting Coprocessor and GPU for Enterprise and HPC Applications

  • (4) Intel Xeon E7-4800 v3 Series Processor
  • Support (4) Intel Xeon Phi co-processor
  • (96) DDR4 DIMM slots
  • (1) PCI-E Gen2 x8 / (2) hot-swap PCI-E Gen3 x8 / (10) PCI-E Gen3 x8
  • (2)10GbE or (4)10GbE + (1) IPMI
  • (8) 2.5" HDDs    More…

TYAN JBOD- TN70J-E3250: 2U 12bays 12Gb/s SAS

TTAN's TN70J-E3250 provides a core foundation for an Enterprise-Class, high performance, scalable and reliable 3.5" and 2.5" HDD & SSD storage solution.

The TN70J-E3250 accommodates the latest SAS 3.0 12Gb/s interface which boosts throughput up to 4,800MB/s per host. Based on this powerful performance, it can efficiently meet demands for intensive data access applications, virtualization and Windows Server 2012 installation, and video edition related applications.

TYAN's SAS JBOD support Industry Standard SGPIO (Serial General Purpose Input / Output) , which is utilized to provide hard drives health & enclosure real-time information via the mini-SAS HD connection cable to the HBA (host Bus Adapter) or RAID card without an additional serial cable.

TYAN JBOD- TN70J-E3250: 2U 12bays 12Gb/s SAS

  • Enterprise class 2U 12bay enclosure
  • 12Gb/s SAS Expander
  • Support 2.5" and 3.5" SATA/SAS/SSD
  • DataBolt™ technology & Staggering Spin-Up
  • Support Industry Standard SGPIO
  • Redundant Power Supply    More…


Coming Events

Experience TYAN @ IDF15 San Francisco (Aug 18-20, 2015)
Discover TYAN @ GTC Taiwan (Sep 1, 2015)


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