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TYAN Press Release

Tyan launches T-600 series Personal Supercomputer with Platform Open Cluster Stack

Tyan Personal Supercomputer platform provides turnkey integration

SC2006 Tampa, Fla. Nov 14, 2006 - Tyan Computer Corporation, a leader in high performance computing system design, today announced an intent to partner with Platform Computing Inc. for optional bundling of Platform's Open Cluster Stack (OCS) as an integrated  vendor certified cluster stack for the TyanPSC personal supercomputer. The TyanPSC T-600 series is based on Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors 5300 Series (Clovertown). Tyan's innovative line of personal supercomputers provide new ways to use and access the computational power of supercomputing by offering turnkey workstations that are easy to deploy, easy to use, and work in any lab, office or other constrained environments.

Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS) is a modular and hybrid stack that transparently integrates open source and commercial software into a single consistent cluster operating environment. Platform OCS is a pre-integrated, vendor certified software stack that assures the consistent delivery of scale-out application clusters. This enhanced software stack eliminates the higher costs of sales, support and development caused by inconsistent software and certification in Linux clusters.

TyanPSC will offer Platform OCS for single TyanPSC cluster systems and for organization seeking to grid-enable the TyanPSC  to form an organizational grid can leverage Platform LSF and Multi-cluster options available as a factory install.

"Platform Computing is pleased to have been selected by Tyan to offer Platform OCS for the TyanPSC systems. We intent to work closely with Tyan to ensure our offerings are consistent with TyanPSC's vision of personal supercomputing. In addition, Platform LSF and Multi-cluster software will enable users of TyanPSC  to form a loosely coupled organizational Grid with minimum effort," said Chris Purpura, Vice President of  New Ventures Group and Strategic Alliances, Platform Computing. "Platform's support infrastructure gives TyanPSC customers and partners the best of the open source and commercial software worlds – customers get the support they expect from a commercial vendor and benefit from the unique innovation that is symbolic of open source. Because Platform OCS is certified and runs on TyanPSC  clusters, ISVs are able to target a large portion of the personal supercomputing market without increasing their development and validation costs."

"Tyan has taken a leadership position in the personal supercomputing space, delivering TyanPSCI nearly 1 year ago and now we are launching T-600 series based on the latest Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors," said Eric Chang,  Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Tyan Computer. "Platform's Open Cluster Stack is helping us extend our personal supercomputing leadership by offering ease of use for the end users, best in class cluster software and support and at the same time, enabling organization to form a production ready enterprise Grid based on T-600 series clusters with Platform LSF and Multi-cluster."

T-600 Series Features:
  • 256 gigaflops peak performance
  • 1400 Watts max, plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Small form factor, portable
  • Low-noise, whisper quiet operation… less than 52dB.
  • Platform Computing Open Cluster Stack
  • Personal Supercomputer using Microsoft Windows Computer Cluster Server 2003
  • Up to 40 CPU cores per system

Availability and Pricing

The T-600 Series starts under $15,000 USD, with general availability in January 2007. To learn more about TyanPSC and the T-600 series personal supercomputer, please visit