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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® utilizes Serverworks' Grand Champion™ core logic to expand server board lineup

Thunder GC-LE, Tiger GC-SL and Trinity GC-SL Provide Ideal Price/Performance for Wide Variety of Single and Dual-Processor Server Solutions
Products: S2707-533 

Fremont, CA, November 18, 2002 - Tyan® today launched three new server platforms utilizing the ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ core logic. The Thunder GC-LE S2623 and Tiger GC-SL S2727 platforms support two of the latest Intel® Xeon™ processors, while the Trinity GC-SL S2707 supports the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. All three platforms support 533MHz front-side bus speeds and DDR266 memory.

For high-performance servers, Tyan offers the Thunder GC-LE S2623. With multiple independent PCI-X channels, up to 12GB of DDR memory, Fast Ethernet and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, plus optional Ultra320 SCSI technology and IPMI server management, the Thunder GC-LE S2623 includes the features required by today's most powerful two-way servers.

For cost-effective dual and single-processor servers, Tyan offers the Tiger GC-SL S2727 and Trinity GC-SL S2707. The Tiger board supports two Intel® Xeon™ processors in a space-efficient ATX form factor, while the Trinity board is aimed primarily at value servers, supporting an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with two PCI-X channels.  Both platforms feature multiple LAN options, DDR266 support, and more.

"Based on the acclaimed Grand Champion core logic, all three of Tyan's latest ServerWorks-based platforms provide the highest performance levels for both dual and single-processor servers", stated Don Clegg, Vice President, Strategic Marketing at Tyan. "From the maximum performance Thunder GC-LE S2623, to the value-based Tiger GC-SL S2727 and Trinity GC-SL S2707, Tyan has a platform to meet the requirements of today's most demanding server applications."

"The scalability of the Grand Champion architecture enables ServerWorks to provide industry-leading server performance across a wide range of configurations," stated Kimball Brown, Vice President of Business Development at ServerWorks, a Broadcom¥ Company. "Tyan's latest ServerWorks-based platforms offer an outstanding mix of performance and value for the widest range of server applications."

All three motherboards are currently sampling, with wide availability expected in December 2002.