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TYAN Press Release

Intel Officially Launches Intel 5400 Server Chipset and Together Tyan Launches Its Tempest i5400 Series Product

Tempest i5400 Series Product Supporting the Next Generation
45nm Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5400 Series Processor (Codename: Harpertown)
Products: S5392 S5396 S5397 

SC07, Sparks, Nevada - On November 12th, 2007, Intel launches their next-generation server chipset, the Intel 5400 series. This new chipset supports both Dual Core & Quad Core Intel Xeon 5100/5300 & 5400 series processors. Tyan Computer, a global leader in server solutions, utilizes the Intel 5400 chipset in their Tempest i5400 S5397, S5393, and S5396 server motherboards.

The Tempest i5400 S5397, S5393, S5396, and S5392 platforms now also support Intel's Xeon 5400 processor (codename: Harpertown). This new processor supports up to 1600MHz front side bus and up to 12MB of L2 cache; dramatically improving platform computing power. In addition, customers will benefit from improved performance per watt, whether using the Intel Xeon 5400 processor or the current 65nm Dual-Core/Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5100/5300 series. The I/O expansion slot also features an upgrade to Gen 2 (true x16) PCI Express performance.

Designed to be a high-performance platform, the Tempest i5400 S5397 has a 1600/1333MHz front side bus, sixteen (16) FBDIMM 533/667/800 memory slots providing up to 128 GB of system memory capacity for HPC computing and memory intensive server applications. With two (2) high-speed x16 PCI-E Gen 2 expansion slots, it can support an I/O expansion card or graphics card. With onboard Firewire 1394, this board is an excellent graphics rendering platform. The Tempest S5393, features eight (8) FBDIMM-533/667/800 memory slots and will support, the new high-speed Gen 2 (x16) PCI Express standard.

The Tempest i5400 S5396 and S5392 are ideal workstation platforms. The S5396 features a total of eight memory slots, two high-speed Gen 2 (x16) PCI-E expansion slot capabilities, and onboard Firewire 1394 interface. The Tempest S5392 is equipped with four memory slots and a single Gen 2 x16 PCI Express expansion slot.  It's a great entry-level workstation platform.

"Power savings and energy efficiency are key requirements in today's server environments.  Intel and Tyan both recognize this fact and are working to develop solutions that will answer these requirements while maintaining the high performance both companies are legendary for" said Scott Twomey, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing.