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Shanghai Supercomputer Center Bases Their Newest Supercomputer on TYAN, ranking No. 10 on the Top500 Fastest Supercomputer list.
Products: TA26B5397 

Austin, Texas- November 17th, 2008- TYAN will demonstrate its capability in the HPC and high-end server/workstation field by displaying more than 14 updated platforms at SC'08 (booth # 483). TYAN will also showcase the latest platforms supporting the new Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (code name: Shanghai) and the Intel Xeon® next generation platforms. A live demo of VMware's Virtualization technology will be on display in the TYAN booth. Also planned at the SC#08 is the release of the World Top 500 supercomputers, where the new supercomputer from Shanghai Supercomputer Center, based on TYAN motherboards, ranked No. 10.

As a partner of the VMware Alliance Partnership Program, TYAN plays an aggressive and important role in utilizing the combination of TYAN hardware capabilities and VMware virtualization software technology in order to meet customers' needs and the IT market's trends and requirements. The TYAN TA26 B5397, which will be demonstrated at the TYAN booth, is a powerful 2U server Intel platform that is designed to fit into an HPC, datacenter, or virtualization server environment and capable of running the most memory intensive applications. The TA26 B5397 passed VMware's latest top server validation process called Server ESX 3.5 and ESX Server 3i Installable. With Sixteen (16) 240-pin DDR2 FBDIMM sockets on board, the TA26 B5397 can fully utilize VMware's virtualization technology, thereby increasing the resources allocated to the individual virtual machines and improving their performance, thereby generating a much lower total cost of ownership. A variety of TYAN products are currently being validated by VMware and the results will be announced soon.

The new supercomputer from Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC), mentioned earlier as ranking nr. 10 in the World Top500 list, is also the fastest supercomputer in China. SSC is conducting a datacenter project in Shanghai under the name of “National 863 Program*”. This is a collaboration together with the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) and the Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (Dawning). The SSC system, constructed by Dawning Information Industry Co., includes 1,920 nodes of TYAN S4982* 4-socket server motherboards and Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors. Achieving a theoretical peak performance of approximately 233 TFlop/s, it surpasses all other supercomputers in China and is also rated as the largest Chinese supercomputer.

At the SC'08 TYAN booth visitors will see a large variety of platforms ideal for HPC and High-end Server/Workstations. Among them are some of the 24 AMD platforms that TYAN now has available supporting the new AMD Quad-Core Shanghai Opteron™ processor (45nm fabrication technology), built to meet the needs of different fields and applications.

During SC'08, TYAN will also showcase 7 platforms demonstrating TYAN's capability and strength in high end AMD solutions. At that stand there will also be some of TYAN's newest next generation Intel Xeon® platforms. These platforms are based upon the newest Intel technology, offering better performance and better power efficiency.

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