TYAN Press Release


Tyan Thunder K7 Enables AMD to Enter Fast-Growing Server/Workstation Markets

Fremont, CA, June 5, 2001 – Tyan® Computer Corporation today announced that Tyan has initiated shipments of the world's first dual-processor DDR-based platform for AMD's (NYSE: AMD) new line of AMD Athlon™ MP processors for servers and workstations. The Thunder K7 system board utilizes breakthrough chipset technology and includes a host of integrated features.

Tyan, a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and system board solutions, is the first supplier of system boards using the new AMD-760™ MP chipset. The Thunder K7 is the first platform to offer users an alternative solution in the dual-processor market.

Designed around the new AMD-760 MP chipset, the Thunder K7 supports AMD's new server/workstation processors, providing exciting new levels of performance. This performance gain is due in large part to the independent data paths between the chipset and the processors and the high-speed interconnect to the DDR interface. Unlike competing designs, each processor has its own data path to and from the AMD-760 MP chipset, removing bus contention between the processors, and increasing overall throughput.

The Thunder K7 is available in two versions, one for servers and one for workstations. The server version includes on-board VGA and server management options, while the workstation version includes an AGP Pro slot. Both models features a wide variety of integrated functions such as 64-bit PCI slots, Double Data Rate (DDR) memory support, dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI and dual Fast Ethernet controllers.

"Tyan and AMD's strategic partnership has produced one of the most exciting products in Tyan's history. The first of its kind in the world, the Thunder K7, along with the new AMD Athlon MP server and workstation processors, will provide OEMs, VARs and System Integrators new levels of performance and integration," stated Symon Chang, founder and CEO of Tyan.

"AMD appreciates the amount of work and support Tyan has supplied towards the launch of AMD's new multiprocessor architecture," said Rich Heye, vice president, Platform Engineering and Infrastructure for AMD's Computation Products Group. "With support for the new AMD-760 MP dual processor chipset and our point-to-point front side bus technology, Tyan's Thunder K7 platform ushers in a new level of performance for both the workstation and server environments."

Thunder K7 (S2462) Features

  • Dual PGA462 sockets support up to two AMD Server/Workstation processors
  • AMD-760™ MP chipset supports a 266/200MHz system bus
  • Four DDR DIMM sockets support 3.5GB of PC1600/2100 Registered DDR RAM, including ECC
  • Integrated dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI, dual 10/100BaseT LAN connections, ATI RAGE XL graphics controller, optional Q-Logic IPMI-compliant server management and DMA/100 support
  • Five 64/32-bit 33MHz (5V) PCI expansion slots
  • One AGP Pro slo2t, also supports 4x AGP mode
  • Extended ATX form factor (13" x 12")