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Personal Supercomputer and High-Performance Clustering Boxes from Tyan on Display at SC'05

SC|05, SEATTLE, WA, November 11th, 2005 - High-performance clustering technology has in the last few years taken the world by storm, offering cheap, highly-available supercomputing power at a fraction of the cost. At this year's Supercomputing 2005 event in Seattle, WA at Booth #2313, Tyan Computer Corp. will showcase the latest in server and clustering technology including a world first: the Personal Supercomputer.

Since the ENIAC era, the IT community has sought to shrink more and more power into ever-smaller boxes for the purposes of expanding their processing capabilities. Tyan has leveraged on this trend with the development of the Personal Supercomputer, which will allow anyone with a minimum of space next to their workspaces or desktops to process everything from statistical simulations to industrial applications, at an efficiency ratio previously unavailable without sacrificing large amounts of space and power.

Other products planned for demonstration include:
  • 11U Rackmount high-density cluster running Microsoft®'s Compute Cluster Server to be demonstrated live at the Microsoft booth (#1206, 1208, 6203)
  • Clustered network demo of Tyan-based 1U Rackmount servers set
  • Transport VX50 (B4881), which provides up to 8-socket, 16-core processing based on the AMD64 architecture and up to 128GB of memory, all accessible in a compact 5U box
  • Transport GT24 chassis kit with a dual processor, dual-core Intel® Xeon™-based Thunder i7520D (S5360-D), the perfect system for high-power cluster applications
  • Tiger i7320D (S5350-D), a compact dual processor, dual-core Intel Xeon server board, available in tower and 1U Rackmount-compatible flavors
  • Intel "Blackford"-based server boards in SSI EEB (12" x 13") and CEB (12" x 10") form factors, packed with features like FBDIMM support, SATA-II RAID, and next-gen server management options

In addition to these exciting new models, many more products are planned for demonstration. Visitors are encouraged to visit Tyan's booth at #2313 to view the demo units and ask questions.

"Supercomputing as a technology and an industry have come full swing, with everyone from the academic community to military installations using clustering technology to increase efficiency over cost in problem-solving and simulation applications," said Danny Hsu, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Tyan Computer Corp. "The Supercomputing 2005 event will allow Tyan to provide visitors with first-hand looks into the technologies, platforms and systems being used in applications for today and tomorrow."

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