TYAN Press Release


Tyan and AMD Unleash the Ultimate 8-Way Platform and Server System

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 1st, 2005 - Eight-way systems are available now, but access to such systems has been limited to the upper echelon of many customer bases, limiting the adoption rate and potential for 8-way processing to truly add value to many organizations. Enter the Tyan Thunder K8QW (S4881): the ultimate in 8-way processing platforms, and its system-level counterpart, the Tyan Transport VX50 (B4881).

The design and implementation of the Thunder K8QW (S4881) offers the option to upgrade to four or eight-way processing capabilities. Multiple features are included in the Thunder K8QW such as the following:
  • S4881 motherboard supports up to four (4) AMD Opteron™ 800 Series
  • Processors, with single and dual core support
  • Optional upgrade to 8-way processing through use of HT4881 and M4881 add-on modules
  • Support for up to 128GB registered DDR400 or 256GB registered DDR266 memory
  • Dual PCI Express x16 slots (one w/ x16 signal, one w/ x4 signal)
  • Three (3) PCI-X expansion slots (two 100MHz and one 133MHz)
  • Integrated Broadcom®-based dual gigabit ethernet ports and built-in ATI RAGE XL™ video
  • Onboard NVIDIA Serial ATA-II 3G RAID with levels 0, 1, and 0+1
  • Remote management and power management options
  • SSI MEB (16" x 13") form factor (for S4881 motherboard)

In addition to the Thunder K8QW, Tyan plans to offer a 4 and 8-way capable barebones server system, the Transport VX50 (B4881), based on the Thunder K8QW platform. Features of this incredible system include:

  • Support for four (4) or eight (8) AMD Opteron 800 Series Processors, depending on addition of HT4881 and M4881 modules
  • Capability to configure to 5U rackmount or server-class tower
  • Eight (8) hot-swap Serial ATA-II or Ultra320 SCSI drive bays
  • Slim CD-ROM and FDD bay support
  • 930W or 1350W (1+1) redundant power supply options
  • Service and support-centric modular backplane and storage design
  • . . . and much more!

"With the introduction of the AMD Opteron 800 series, AMD made it possible for a larger customer audience to realize levels of power and performance previously unavailable to them," said Danny Hsu, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Tyan. "By offering the new Thunder K8QW (S4881) and Transport VX50 (B4881) which both utilize the AMD Opteron 800 series of processors, Tyan has once again given customers the tools to gain technology leadership."

The Thunder K8QW (S4881) is currently sampling to select customers and will reach mass production levels in late Q3 of this year. The Transport VX50 (B4881) will sample in late Q3'05, and will reach mass production in Q4'05.