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TYAN Press Release

The Thunder K8W (S2885) emerges as the industry's premier High-end dual AMD Opteron™ Workstation

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Fremont, CA, August 18, 2003 - TYAN® today announced the Thunder K8W (S2885) , the paragon in high performance dual AMD Opteron™ workstations. The Thunder K8W (S2885) delivers the best performance for powering mechanical computer-aided design/computer-aided engineering (MCAD/CAE), digital content creation, productivity, 3D modeling, and other multimedia applications.  The platform's main features promote optimal graphics output, high storage, high-speed data transfer, and rich sound quality.

The Thunder K8W (S2885) caters to the needs of the most demanding workstation with the scalability of 32-bit and 64-bit support.  The AGP Pro 110 8X/4X slot allows for increased video memory bandwidth, optimized graphics, and faster data flow.  With its high data-transfer speed, integrated FireWire is the top choice for digital audio and video devices as well as external hard drives and other peripherals.  Integrated Gigabit Ethernet also increases the broadband connectivity and bandwidth. The platform also has integrated six-channel audio with SPDIF produces fuller and immersive experience for multimedia, while eight DIMM slots support up to 16GB of ECC memory.  Finally, four Serial ATA ports offer maximum storage capabilities.

"The Thunder K8W (S2885) satisfies every aspect of the workstation for mission critical video and graphical applications," said Danny Hsu, Director of Marketing at Tyan.  "With features such as AGP Pro 8X/AGP 8X Pro 110, FireWire, and six-channel audio, the Thunder K8W (S2885) offers a cutting-edge solution for the workstation environment."

The Thunder K8W (S2885) is currently sampling, and will start shipping in August.