TYAN Press Release


TyanPSC from Tyan heralds New Era in High-Performance Computing for Researchers,Developers

FREMONT, CA, March 9th, 2006 - Many researchers and developers currently operate their simulations or applications on large-scale computing machines or around the schedule of laboratories which lend or rent out time on systems. Unfortunately, this not only means that research and development is limited to tracts of computing power that may or may not be available on a regular basis. In terms of both convenience and productivity, many find themselves at the mercy of the appointment book or chained to large computers. Enter the Tyan TyanPSC: a personal super computer (PSC) which offers high-performance computing power down to the customer desk-side.

Using either AMD Opteron™ 200 series processors (model B2881YDS4T), or Intel® Pentium® 4 or Pentium D processors (model B5160YDS4T), the TyanPSC offers a wealth of features to meet the needs of the supercomputing audience. Such features include:
  • Incredible small-sized supercomputing system (14" x 12.6" x 26.7")
  • Support for up to four (4) nodes with one or two processors (including Dual Core support)
  • Low-noise operation… less than 47dB!
  • Up to 64GB of DDR400/333 Registered memory (AMD Opteron-based system)
  • Up to 32GB of DDR2-667/533 Unbuffered memory (Intel Pentium D-based system)
  • Eight (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports integrated for network expansion options
  • Up to four (4) Serial ATA HDD devices supported
  • Four (4) built-in EPS12V 350W power supplies with PFC

"Research and development is continually hampered by the lack of access to hardware and the inconvenience of large-scale setups, leading to a loss of progress on important projects for many customers," said Dr. T. Symon Chang, president and founder of Tyan Computer Corporation.  "In launching the TyanPSC, customers can now experience both the power of supercomputing in the office, and they gain the ground-breaking capability to process their applications or simulations at anytime, whenever they need it, and at a fraction of the cost of a full-scale supercomputers."

"Single- and Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture have been applied and proven in many different customer environments, including those running enterprise-class solutions, as well as in the clustering community at large," said Randy Allen, corporate vice president, Server and Workstation Division, AMD (NYSE: AMD).  "The TyanPSC can achieve phenomenal performance for many science and research applications by leveraging the strengths of AMD64 technology, which provides native dual-core computing, unrivalled x86 processor performance and leading-edge power management."

"High performance computing has expanded beyond traditionalsupercomputing centers toward workgroups and departments in mainstream industries," said Kyril Faenov, director of Windows high performance computing, Microsoft Corp.  "Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, combined with hardware solutions from partners such as Tyan Computer Corp., enables customers to spend more time innovating and bringing products to market by providing a high performance computing platform that is simple to deploy, operate and integrate with existing systems."

The TyanPSC is currently sampling, and will reach mass production levels in Q2'06.