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TYAN Announces Support for Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors

New Array of Tyan’s Cutting-Edge Server Platforms is Ready to
Unleash the Potential of True Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors

Fremont, CA, September 10, 2007 - Tyan Computer Corporation, the industry-leading server platform provider, today announced that its Thunder, Tomcat, and Transport branded products now support Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors.

Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors are not only the industry’s first native quad-core x86 processors, they are also the first native quad-core processors designed to operate within the same socket and thermal envelopes as AMD’s current generation of dual-core processors, helping enable customers to increase capabilities without altering datacenter infrastructure. Built on an industry-defining native multi-core architecture where all four cores are on one piece of silicon, the Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor with Direct Connect Architecture allows the processors to be directly connected to one another, and an I/O and Memory subsystem directly connected to each processor, for better performance and to reduce the bottlenecks inherent in traditional front-side bus architectures.

"Since the release of the Second-Generation AMD Opteron™ processor, Tyan’s Thunder, Tomcat, and Transport branded products have realized the benefits of AMD’s industry-leading AMD64 technology to provide server infrastructures with energy efficiency, remarkable performance and system virtualization,” said Ryan Yang, Vice President of Tyan Computer. “This is an exciting day for our customers, as they can now experience the significant increase in processing power and performance output, that we expect from the Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor, without dramatic upgrade requirements.”

A series of Tyan’s Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-based platforms are widely available for customers interested in exploiting the performance leadership of the world’s most advanced x86 quad-core processor. All models of Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-based platforms are also available in Transport branded barebones. With Tyan’s Thunder S4985, S4980, and S4987, the 4 way/8 way platforms are exceptionally proficient for memory-intensive and high-cluster computing IT infrastructures. The Thunder series of DP motherboards S3992, S2932, and S3970 are all ideal for scalable and flexible server environments. Furthermore, Tyan will introduce Quad-Core AMD Opteron-based platforms based on current design to support AMD’s Dual Dynamic Power Management™ technology, which offers separate power planes for cores and memory controller for optimum performance with reduced power consumption.

"Tyan's support for Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors will help provide the server industry with a wide range of solutions,” said Patrick Patla, Director of Product Management, Server/Workstation Division, AMD (NYSE: AMD).  “With an enhanced cache structure designed for increased performance, innovative power management technology delivering performance-on-demand capabilities, and the industry’s only native quad-core x86 architecture designed to increase data handling and efficiency, customers of Tyan’s Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-powered Transport, Tomcat, and Thunder products can realize superior performance output without compromising power consumption.”

Tyan's Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor-ready platforms are currently in the mass production phase and widely available to the market.

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