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TYAN also showcases a complete array of platforms that supporting Six-Core AMD Opteron? Processors and IntelR XeonR 5500 processors at Computex 2009

Taipei, Taiwan- June 2nd, 2009- TYAN announced its new Yellow River (YR) series products during the Computex 2009 (booth # M112). TYAN YR series is featured with high computing density along with superior server ingredients targeting at both enterprise and IPDC applications. TYAN also showcases the latest platforms supporting the new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (codename: Istanbul) and the Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors (codename: Nehalem) at Computex.

TYAN YR series brings in the new era for cloud computing. It easily doubles the computing power within the same rack space compared to traditional implementation. Other than density, TYAN YR provides much superior designs that perfectly match the IT requirement such as serviceability, expandability, manageability, and dedicate power per node. The Light-weight design of YR170 was also awarded by major OEM and deployed in Japan market.

TYAN showcases 4 different YR products at Computex 2009 which target at different application segments. YR170-B520M is the lowest power-consuming server platform in the world, which is perfect to IPDC environment; YR188-B537M consumes averagely 150W in most of enterprise applications, which is great for enterprises with good cost advantage; YR190-B7018 and YR290-B7018 are both dual-socket platform with different in-place expandability, which can easily take over traditional 1U/2U dual-socket platforms in enterprises and IPDCs.

"The flexible management, easier availability, good resource allocation with lower cost becomes the major platform selection criteria for IT users" said Albert Mu, GM of Enterprise Business Unit of MiTAC International Corporation. "The new TYAN YR series products fit in different roles in IT environment, especially for cloud computing. The simplified management, dynamic resource allocation and consolidated system brings the best features and benefits for all users. It is new era for IT industry."

Besides of the newly introduced YR series platforms, TYAN also showcases 7 platforms supporting Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors (codename: Nehalem) at Computex 2009 (booth # M112). TYAN S7025, the latest launched TYAN Nehalem platform, supports (2) Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors and up 64GB R-DDR3 memory. The beauty of the platform is it provides total (7) PCI-E/PCI expansion slots, which include (4) true PCI-E Gen.2 x16 slots, support up to (4) PCI-E Gen.2 x16, double-deck GPU adapters for GPU HPC requirement. TYAN S7025 will be in mass production stage in late June. The other 6 TYAN solutions are all shipping now.

Furthermore, there are also 17 TYAN current products and 2 new platforms support the new Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (codename: Istanbul) and will be mass production in late June. Customers can achieve superior performance, lower power consumption and lower cost by upgrading to TYAN platforms powered by the enhanced Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processors built on 45nm technology. TYAN platforms supporting previously launched Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors (codename: Shanghai) can be easily upgraded to the new technology by a simple, painless BIOS update.

There are two live platforms, GT20-B7002 (Intel 1U) and TA26-B2932-SI (AMD 2U), demonstrating latest Microsoft® Windows® technology in TYAN booth as well. For more detail, please come to visit TYAN at Computex 2009 or log on TYAN website:

【TYAN YR Series】
Superior Power Efficiency 1U YR170-B520M
Great Cost Advantage 1U YR188-B537M
Outstanding Performance 1U YR190-B7018
In-Place Expandability 2U YR290-B7018

【TYAN Intel® Solutions】
Motherboard TYAN S7002, TYAN S7010, TYAN S7012 , TYAN S7016, TYAN S7025
Barebone TYAN GT20-B7002, TYAN GT24-B7016

【TYAN AMD Solutions】
4 sockets S4985-SI, S4989-SI, S4992, S8212
2 sockets S2912-E, S2915-E, S2927-E, S2932-SI, S2937, S3992-E, S8802
8 sockets VX50-B4985-SI-8P
4 sockets FT48-B4985-SI, TN68-B4989-SI
2 sockets TA26-B3992-E, TA26-B2932-SI, GT24-B3992-E, GT24-B2932-SI, GT24-B2912-E
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