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Tyan Transport PX22 (B2865) Delivers Performance, Server-class Features with Future-Proofing
Products: GT20B2865 

Today, many small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) are using a variety of solutions in order to meet their basic everyday business serving needs. However many of these solutions are not robust enough or include enough of the right server features to answer their business server requirements in totality, simply because those solutions nothing more than "Dressed-up Desktops" (DUDs), which are re-badged and re-positioned systems originally designed and intended for the needs of the entry-level general computing marketing.

In order to provide small/medium-sized businesses the kind of server solution that they need to meet all of their server requirements, Tyan is today introducing the
Transport PX22 (B2865), a cost-effective business server tower solution which delivers a rich feature-set along with stunning performance, all at a cost which won't shock customer pocketbooks.

Based on AMD's highly-acclaimed AMD64 technology and badged as an AMD True Server Solution, and featuring nVIDIA's nForce4 Ultra core-logic, the Transport PX22 (B2865) supports the following server-class features:
  • Flexible and scalable pedestal/tower chassis enclosure with a totally tool-less design
  • Support for one (1) AMD Opteron™ 100 series 32/64-bit single or dual core processor
  • Up to 4GB of Unbuffered DDR400 (PC3200) memory with ECC option
  • Two (2) Gigabit network ports for fast connectivity
  • Multiple PCI Express slots [incl. one (1) PCIe x16] and PCI legacy slots
  • Internal SATA-II/3G with RAID, and optional hot-swap drive kit
  • Built-in server-class video controller by ATI®
  • Built-in 450W power supply with PFC
  • Optional front LCD kit for server hardware monitoring
  • Compatibility with Microsoft® Small Business Server 2003

"Small to mid-sized businesses (SMB) are constantly searching for solutions which can provide the power and features they require to run their everyday server applications, however many businesses end up using solutions which can neither provide for all of their needs or offer the kind of value that companies are looking for," said Danny Hsu, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tyan Computer Corporation. "With the launch of the Transport PX22 (B2865), Tyan is answering customer demands for true server solutions which can meet their requirements in full, as well as deliver value to meet or exceed their expectations of what an SMB server is capable of."

Transport PX22 (B2865) is currently sampling, and will reach mass production levels by late Q1'06.

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