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Cutting Edge First to Bring to Market Network-Based Storage Platform

Reseller Focused Storage Value Pack Allows System Integrators to Maximize Margins within the Storage Arena

La Mesa, CA. - August 9, 2005 - Cutting Edge announces the first storage-centric model aimed at system integrators and white box builders. With the Reseller Storage Value Pack (RSVP), integrators can work with a platform that helps build value, provide enterprise-class features, and deliver hardware service and support while allowing generous margin opportunities.

"By combining the high-performing components from AMD's Opteron™ processors with Direct Connect Architecture, Tyan's motherboards, AMCC's 3ware RAID controllers, and Cutting Edge's feature-rich storage operating system, EdgeWare™, the RSVP platform provides high performance,   enterprise-level functionality, and a great value opportunity for the systems integrators," said Michael Ehman, CEO of Cutting Edge.

The RSVP platform has been enthusiastically received by AMD, AMCC, and Tyan.

"With the RSVP model, we see a new strategy that leverages the network storage market.  We are enthusiastic about Cutting Edge and the approach that it has taken as a storage operating system provider," said Bruce Smith, Director of Marketing programs for AMD.

"The RSVP program offers a strong value package to the white box community. It clearly simplifies SATA-based network storage by providing a complete platform to build on," said Michael Joyce, Marketing Director for AMCC.

The EdgeWare OS offers iSCSI, storage virtualization, replication, and failover as base modules allowing system integrators to create focused vertical market solutions.  The RSVP standardized core of optimized hardware delivers an alternative to well known storage brands, allowing more resellers to be price competitive.

"We always welcome innovative ideas that bring value and service to our customer base. We are confident that the RSVP model will gain market acceptance," said Danny Y. Hsu, Vice President of WW Sales/Marketing for Tyan.

With the use of products by AMD, Tyan, and AMCC, the RSVP platform compares favorably to typically complex and expensive SAN and NAS products. With our hardware service-oriented, value-added program, system builders can expand storage capacity while controlling costs. In addition, 24/7 service and support will enable white box builders to match the service level offerings of brand name providers.
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