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Newest Platforms and Barebones Systems Exhibited at Premier Supercomputing Event ( Booth #420 )

SC2004, PITTSBURGH, PA, November 8th, 2004 - Tyan®,a world leader in platform system technology, will showcase their latest system boards and barebones solutions at one of the world's premier supercomputing events: SC2004, taking place at the new David L. Lawrence Convention Center from November 8th to 11th.

Customers will be able to study and ask questions about a host of x86 server and workstation platforms at Tyan's fully staffed 10x20 booth in location #420.

On the Intel® front, several platforms such as the Thunder i7520 (S5360), the newest offering in multi-processor server platforms, and the newly-released Tomcat i845GV (S3098), will be featured prominently at the booth.  Other products slated for display include several next-generation AMD Opteron™ based platforms for both server and workstation applications, include both single and multi-processor solutions with rich feature sets to fit any customer requirement.

In addition to system board platforms, Tyan will also exhibit the Transport line of pre-built barebones servers which enable customers to quickly build infrastructures or fulfill project requirements with Tyan's ready-to-use 1U and 2U system solutions. The Transport product line delivers highly-capable and configurable features such as multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections, hot-swap storage capabilities for SCSI or Serial ATA device support, pre-installed CD-ROM drives, and hardware monitoring and control. Of special interest will be the Transport GX21 (B5350), a newly-launched dual Intel Xeon™ "Nocona" based system with the capability to support up to (2) Hot-Swap Drive Bays on a Serial ATA backplane, front-end USB ports, single PCI-X rear expansion port, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports on a PCI Express bus, and a 500W power supply with PFC, all in a 21.5" depth enclosure.

"One of the fastest growing segments in the server market has been that of high-power technical computing and in general, clustering technologies and solutions," said Don Clegg, Tyan's VP of Marketing and Strategic Programs. "As a recognized leader in these supercomputing market segments, Tyan is proud to be able to showcase its products at SC2004."

Tyan will be at Booth #420. For more information and details about Tyan or Tyan products, please visit Tyan's corporate website at
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