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The Latest in Server and Cluster-Ready Solutions to be showcased by TYAN® at Clusterworld Event (Booth #: 219)

Platforms and products on display at the premier cluster event for North America

CLUSTERWORLD, San Jose, CA, April 6th, 2004 - Tyan®,a leader in server platform design and innovation, will be presenting the latest in server and cluster-ready products at this year's ClusterWorld Conference & Expo (CWCE) event.

Products on display include server platforms based on 2-way Intel® Xeon™ and AMD Opteron™ architectures. Tyan will also be offering looks at Pentium® 4 with HT processor-based platforms for entry to mid-range server systems.  Such server boards from Tyan generally include high-speed networking capabilities, integrated Ultra320 LVD SCSI, multi-port Serial ATA RAID, console redirection and system management features sets, remote management support, and a host of power management features.
In additions to server board products, Tyan will also display Transport® barebones server systems which provide customers with pre-assembled solutions for instant installation. Transport products range from entry level to high-end positioned systems, and fit a wide variety of applications including firewall servers, gateways, VPN, security, and more.

"Tyan continues to drive innovation into the server solutions space," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan. "As customer demand grows for new features and improved reliability on server boards and systems, Tyan stands ready to answer those market requirements with a wide range of innovative and high-performing solutions to fit any application."

"We're pleased to welcome Tyan at ClusterWorld Conference & Expo," said Adam Goodman, CEO of QuarterPower Media which produces ClusterWorld Conference & Expo and publishes Linux Magazine and ClusterWorld Magazine. "We created this event to illustrate the power of clustered systems and showcase the products and companies that are making high performance computing a reality. The innovativeness of Tyan's products are exactly what we wish to highlight at this show."

Tyan will be at booth #219.
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