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TYAN® releases the Tomcat i7210 (S5112), an advanced Intel® Pentium® 4 based server platform in ATX

The Tomcat i7210 (S5112) Debuts as a 1-Way Server Motherboard With Competitive Features
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Fremont, CA, March 1st, 2004 - Tyan® today announced the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) , a 1U- optimized Server platform based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor. The Tomcat i7210 (S5112) is a fully integrated solution that caters to the needs of the basic Server in the areas of storage, network connectivity, bus speed, graphics, and more. With a generous feature set at a low cost, the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) is the intelligent choice for entry-level Servers.

The Tomcat i7210 (S5112) offers a competitive edge over other motherboards in its class with its numerous onboard features.  Powered by an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor that supports an 800MHz system bus, the highlights of the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) include PCI-X expansion support, Silicon Image® SI3114 4-port SATA RAID, dual Intel Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and DDR400 memory.  In addition, the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) comes with an integrated ATI® RAGE™ XL graphics controller and IPMI 1.5 remote management option.

The many features of the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) fit in a compact ATX form factor (12" x 9.6"), yielding a lower overall cost.  The money-saving advantages for an ATX form factor are a result of its small size - the flexibility to fit in almost all chassis, power supplies, and provide lower production costs to system builders.

"Tyan engineered the Tomcat i7210 (S5112) to deliver cutting-edge performance at a cost-efficient price," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan. "This platform brings value, quality, and power to systems that demand the latest technology on an entry-level Server solution."

The Tomcat i7210 (S5112) is currently sampling and will reach mass production later this month.
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