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Tyan® unleashes the Tachyon G9800 PRO, G9600 PRO, and G9200, graphics accelerators for high-end, mainstream, and entry level gaming

Tachyon G9800 PRO, G9600 PRO and G9200 Provides Flexibility and Control for a Wide Range of Gamers

Fremont, CA, June 9th, 2003 - Tyan® today launched the Tachyon G9800 PRO, G9600 PRO, and G9200, graphics cards powered by three of ATI® Technology's new RADEON™ chipsets.  In addition to features such as DirectX 9.0 compatibility, DVI output support, AGP 8X support, and 128MB of high performance DDR memory, the cards are the only RADEON™ based graphics cards in the world to support hardware monitoring and fan speed adjustment.

Powered by the ATI® RADEON™ 9800 PRO, the world's fastest visual processing unit, the Tachyon G9800 PRO emerges as the top choice for demanding gaming applications.  It features a 380MHz clock speed, 128MB DDR memory, 256-bit memory interface, and 8-pixel pipeline architecture.

Designed around the ATI® RADEON™ 9600 PRO chipset, the Tachyon G9600 PRO is the ideal graphics solution for mainstream enthusiasts who desire more flexibility and control in performance. There will be two versions of the Tachyon G9600 PRO available; one which offers the standard VGA, DVI and TV-OUT, and another which offers DVI output, which will enable users to display crisp and vivid graphics on two digital LCD flat panel monitors.  Both will have fan speed control capabilities.

"We are proud to bring to market the Tachyon G9600 PRO, the first ATI chipset based graphics card to support DVI output," said Crystal Chang, Product Manager, Tachyon Graphics Line at Tyan. "This new feature, along with hardware monitoring, fan speed adjustment and advanced cooling system, demonstrate Tyan's firm commitment to building the best graphics cards available."

Based on the ATI® RADEON™ 9200 chipset, the Tachyon G9200 brings high-end features such DirectX 9.0 compatibility and AGP 8X support to the entry level market. The Tachyon G9200 has DVI output, a feature that few RADEON 9200 based graphics cards support.   The Tachyon G9200 also offers hardware monitoring through the Tachyon Graphics Monitor software (TGM) to monitor VPU temperature and regulate fan speed.  With the option of adjustable fan speeds, users can control the noise level of the fans to their preference and prolong fan life by keeping its activity in moderation.   
 "ATI has chosen Tyan as one of its key partners in graphics card development for the excellent quality of their products and their leadership in innovation," stated Matt Skynner, Director, Desktop Discrete Graphics at ATI Technologies.  "The Tachyon cards cater to a variety of end users' needs."

The Tachyon G9600 PRO and Tachyon G9200 are currently sampling, while mass production is scheduled for June. The Tachyon G9800 PRO will begin sampling in June, with mass production scheduled for July.
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