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Tyan Offering An Alternative to the Postponed Computex Computer Show

Taipei, Taiwan, June 2nd, 2003 - From June 4th to June 30th, Tyan®  will be showcasing some of its newest products for the first time at the Tyan Computex 2003 Online event.  Due to the postponement of the Computex 2003, the world-renowned computer show in Taiwan, Tyan will be displaying its products in a virtual environment to update the public on the growing number of new products.  The Tyan Computex 2003 Online event will host a wealth of information on many new and upcoming products across the motherboard, graphics card, and barebones server solutions product lines. Content includes product specifications, press releases, and a giveaway contest that allows winners to choose their own prizes.

Featured motherboards include single and dual desktops, workstations, and servers.  One of the new items to be shown is the Transport GX28, an ideal 1U optimized solution for as e-commerce, 3-D rendering, CAD, email servers, and video servers.  Another new platform is the Tomcat K8S (S2850), the first single AMD Opteron™ platform to become available in the market.  This solution is a value server board with features such as a dual Gigabit Ethernet option, four channel Serial ATA option, six 32-bit PCI slots, and onboard graphics.

A third example of what will be displayed is the Tachyon G9800 PRO, a graphics card with 128MB DDR memory, an advanced cooling system, Hardware Monitoring, fan speed control, and an 8-pixel pipeline architecture.

Similar to a live tradeshow, the Computex 2003 Online will conduct a giveaway drawing for its visitors.  Weekly winners will be able to choose between a Trinity KT400 (S2495AN) or a Trinity i7205 (S2662AN) workstation platform.

Current Tyan Reseller Center members already have access to Computex 2003 Online and are qualified to be in the weekly giveaway drawings.
The Computex 2003 Online event will take place at
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