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Tyan® introduces the Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726, a powerful solution for intensive CPU & I/O needs

The Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726 Brings a Robust and Highly Integrated Solution to the High End Server Market

Fremont, CA, April 22nd, 2003 - Tyan® launches the new Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726, a server platform designed for today's intense bandwidth, I/O, and data communications needs.  This full-featured systemboard provides unprecedented performance, scalability, and reliability by including four Gigabit Ethernet ports, one Fast Ethernet port, five separate PCI-X/PCI buses, 533Mhz Front Side Bus, Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, and an optional dual channel Adaptec® Ultra320 SCSI controller with Zero Channel RAID support.

The key differentiator for the Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726 is the set of four onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports, each running on its own PCI-X 133Mhz channel. Each controller is capable of transmitting and receiving two channels of data at 1000 Mb/s, 100 Mb/s, or 10 Mb/s data rates. Multiple ports allow for a total of 4 Gigabits of data transmitted per second - providing exceptional broadband connectivity and bandwidth.  In addition, the S2726 may be used as communication platform using the Quad Gigabit Ethernet as the backplane.  The connectors also have teaming support, providing fault tolerance and load balancing.  The S2726 eliminates the cost and inconvenience of purchasing add-on network cards for extra bandwidth while improving airflow to the overall system.

Another special feature of the Thunder i7501 Xtreme is support for five separate buses, four of which operate at a PCI-X 133Mhz capacity. The four PCI-X buses are derived from two onboard Intel® 82870P2 controller hubs, providing a total of 2.1GB/s of I/O bandwidth.  Each hub contains two independent 64-bit PCI-X 133Mhz interfaces for high throughput applications.

The Thunder i7501 Xtreme also has an onboard SCSI option with Zero Channel RAID support for maximum storage.  The Adaptec® 7902 SCSI chip has two channels, each supporting up to fifteen 320MByte/s hard drives.  Zero Channel RAID controllers from both Intel® and Adaptec® are compatible with this platform.

"The Thunder i7501 Xtreme provides performance, value, and includes a host of integrated features," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan. We are pleased to deliver a rare platform which offers such high capacity for bandwidth, security, and storage."

"The high I/O bandwidth capability of the Tyan Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726 offers an ideal implementation for F5's high performance needs," said Jeff Stockdale, Vice President of Engineering at F5 Networks. "This platform has an ideal architecture for getting every last ounce of networking traffic coupled to the very impressive CPU resources that the dual-Xeons offer. Our benchmarks have demonstrated that for our applications the S2726 offers higher performance than competitive offerings and is very cost competitive."

"The NIC port density is the main driver for the Thunder i7501 Xtreme S2726," said Jerry Jarvis, Platform Development Manager at Network Engines. "Eliminating additional PCI cards is a cost savings and improves overall reliability. Connectors are always perceived as being of lower reliability than solder connections."

The Thunder i7501 Xtreme is currently sampling and will reach mass production in May. 
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