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InterVideo's WinDVD bundled with Tyan's Tachyon Graphics Cards Processor

InterVideo's WinDVD 4 And Tyan's Tachyon G9000 Pro Give Users Leading-Edge DVD Playback

FREMONT, Calif. - August 21, 2002 - InterVideo, Inc. announced today that WinDVD 4 will be bundled with Tyan's Tachyon G9000 Pro graphics card, available immediately. WinDVD 4's video quality and advanced features, combined with the Tachyon G9000 Pro's ATI RADEON 9000 PRO visual processing unit, provide users with powerful and great-looking DVD playback.

"InterVideo's reputation for powerful and easy-to-use software made it easy for us to choose WinDVD as the DVD player for our new Tachyon line of high-performance graphics cards," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at Tyan. "The superior features of WinDVD will provide Tachyon users with exceptional viewing capabilities and cinema-quality playback."

WinDVD 4 is the latest version of the world's most popular DVD player and sports over 30 new features and enhancements such as improved picture quality, easier-to-use Time-Stretching, and Video Desktop – which lets you watch movies under your desktop icons while you work or check email.

"InterVideo's WinDVD has always been known for unsurpassed picture quality, and we think WinDVD 4 improves on that high standard," said Steve Ro, CEO and co-founder of InterVideo. "Combine WinDVD 4 with the power and clarity of Tyan's Tachyon G9000 Pro and you get DVD playback that looks as good as, or better than, any DVD player in the world."

Tyan's Tachyon G9000 Pro AGP graphics card, based on ATI RADEON 9000 PRO visual processing unit, brings unprecedented 3D visuals, industry-leading performance, and a cutting-edge software suite to mainstream graphics users.

System Requirements and Availability

The Tachyon G9000 Pro with WinDVD 4 requires at least an Intel Pentium II/III/4 processor or AMD K6/Duron/Athlon processor, 64 megabytes of system memory and a DVD drive.

The Tachyon G9000 Pro is currently sampling with wide availability expected in September 2002.

About InterVideo, Inc.

InterVideo is a leading provider of DVD software and offers a broad suite of advanced digital video and audio multimedia software products that allow users to record, edit, author, distribute and play digital multimedia content on PCs and consumer electronics devices. InterVideo's software is bundled with products sold by eight of the top ten PC manufacturers, ranked in terms of sales by IDC, including Dell Products L.P., Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH, HP, Medion AG, Sony Corporation and Toshiba Corporation. The company is headquartered in Fremont, CA and with regional offices in Europe, Taiwan and Japan. For more information contact InterVideo at 510/651-0888 or visit the Web site at

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