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Tyan® announces Four-way platform for Intel® Xeon™ Processor MP

Thunder GC-HE Features ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ HE Chipset; Provides Outstanding Performance for Enterprise Servers
Products: S4520 

Fremont, CA, June 3, 2002 - Tyan® Computer Corporation today officially unveiled their Thunder GC-HE, one of the industry's first quad-processor system boards to support the Intel® Xeon™ processor MP. This powerful system board will provide Tyan customers with unprecedented performance, scalability and reliability for their enterprise server offerings.

Tyan, a leading designer and developer of Internet infrastructure products, is among the first system board manufacturers to introduce a platform based on the ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ HE chipset. This advanced chipset provides outstanding performance for enterprise servers, capable of delivering up to 6.4 gigabytes per second of memory bandwidth, and up to 5 gigabytes per second of I/O throughput.

Supporting four Intel® Xeon™ processors MP, the Thunder GC-HE also features multiple independent PCI-X and PCI channels, and will accept up to 24 gigabytes of DDR memory. The Thunder GC-HE also features an integrated VGA port, dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI and dual-channel LAN connectivity. This high level of integration allows OEMs and System Integrators to utilize the high-speed PCI-X slots for maximum performance I/O devices such as Fibre Channel storage and Gigabit network controllers.

"Supporting four Intel® Xeon™ processors MP, multiple independent PCI-X buses, dual-channel SCSI, and dual-channel LAN, the Thunder GC-HE provides unprecedented levels of power and integration for the enterprise server market" said Danny Hsu, Director of Marketing at Tyan. "Tyan is pleased to be one of the first to market with this high-performance, highly integrated server solution."

"Intel continues to work closely with Tyan to enable scalable and reliable platforms," said Lisa Hambrick, Director of Enterprise Processor Marketing. "The outstanding performance and scalability provided by the Intel® Xeon™ processors MP will elevate platform performance to record levels."

Currently shipping to selected OEMs, the Thunder GC-HE is expected to ship to qualified national and regional distributors by July 2002.

Thunder GC-HE (S4520) Features

  • Four mPGA603 ZIF sockets support up to four Intel® Xeon™ processors MP
  • ServerWorks™ Grand Champion™ HE chipset supports a 400MHz system bus
  • Memory Expansion Card (MEC) features twelve 184-pin DIMM sockets that support up to 24GB of Registered PC1600 memory
  • Seven 100/66MHz 64-bit PCI-X slots and 33MHz 32-bit PCI slot
  • Integrated Adaptec dual-channel U160 SCSI, and dual Intel 10/100 LAN controllers
  • Custom power connector suite; SSI MEB form factor (16" x 13")
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