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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® announces Next-generation Dual CPU platform for AMD Athlon™ MP Processor

Thunder K7X with AMD-760™ MPX Chipset Brings 66MHz 64-bit PCI to Server and Workstation Markets

Fremont, CA,  April 8, 2001 - Tyan® Computer Corporation today announced that they have initiated shipments of their next-generation dual-processor DDR-based platform for AMD's AthlonTM MP processors. The Tyan Thunder K7X follows in the footsteps of its highly successful predecessor, Tyan's Thunder K7 - the world's first multi-processing platform for AMD processors.

Tyan, a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and system board solutions, is the world's leading developer of dual Socket A technology, manufacturing the widest variety of system boards for the AMD Athlon MP processor, including the Thunder K7, Tiger MP and Tiger MPX.

Designed around the AMD-760™ MPX chipset, the Thunder K7X includes all of the performance benefits of its predecessor, and provides new levels of throughput for I/O-bound applications. With its 66MHz 64-bit PCI bus, the Thunder K7X can support up to two high-speed PCI devices such as Fibre Channel storage or Gigabit Ethernet controllers. With over 1 gigabyte per second of I/O headroom, the Thunder K7X is ideally suited for today's I/O-intensive server and workstation applications.

The Thunder K7X also features design implementations that enable installation in both pedestal and rackmount chassis'. Integrated features such as dual LAN ports, VGA graphics, and 25o angled memory sockets are necessary for OEMs and System Integrators that require enhanced functionality in a low-profile form factor.

"Continuing the success of our popular dual AMD platforms, the Thunder K7X delivers improved I/O throughput to customers utilizing 66MHz PCI peripherals" stated Don Clegg, Vice President of Marketing and OEM Sales for Tyan. "This increased I/O headroom, combined with Tyan's unique, rack-optimized server features, make the Thunder K7X an ideal platform for integrators demanding optimum price/performance servers and workstations."

Currently, the Thunder K7X is available in two versions; one with integrated Ultra160 SCSI, and one without SCSI. Volume production is expected in early Q2.

Thunder K7X (S2468) Features

  • Dual PGA462 sockets support up to two AMD Athlon MP processors
  • AMD-760™ MPX chipset supports a 266MHz system bus
  • Four 25o angled DIMM sockets support up to 4GB of PC2100 Registered DDR RAM, including ECC
  • Integrated dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI (optional), dual 10/100BaseT LAN connections, and ATI RAGE XL graphics controller
  • Two 66MHz 64-bit PCI and three 33MHz 32-bit PCI expansion slots
  • One AGP Pro slot; also supports AGP 4x mode
  • Extended ATX form factor (13" x 12")
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