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Tyan® Announces the Company's First FlexATX Board

New! Tomcat i810ef decreases overall system costs

HANNOVER, Germany, February 24, 2000 - Today, Tyan® Computer Corp. continues it's close relationship with Intel® by announcing the New! Tomcat i810ef in a FlexATX form factor. The Tomcat i810ef is based on the Intel 810e AGPset and is fully integrated with graphics, audio, and LAN components reducing the overall system price for desktop PCs. Tomcat i810ef supports Celeron ™ and Pentium® III (FC-PGA) processors in the 9" x 7.5" form factor allowing for smaller overall system footprints. The leading-edge design of the Tomcat i810ef is ideal for the Appliance and Second Home PC markets. Tomcat i810ef is supports up to 133 MHz frontside bus in a Socket 370 design. Tomcat i180ef is available Q1.

Desktop users running Appliance and PC applications will benefit from the overall low cost of the Tomcat i810ef. Tomcat i810ef, based on the desktop Intel 810e chipset, supports up to three standard 168-pin DIMM sockets. PC100 SDRAM is supported providing more cost savings for PC users. Tomcat i810ef's FlexATX design is ideal for appliance PCs that require a small chassis.  With an integrated 4 MB, 133 MHz Display Cache for graphics, Intel audio, and Intel LAN controller, the Tomcat i810 eliminates compatibility problems normally associated with add-on cards.

Tomcat i810ef supports a 133 MHz frontside bus and two PCI slots for faster data transfers and expansion opportunities. "The Intel-based Tomcat i810ef is a network ready and highly integrated FlexATX board designed to meet the needs of the rapidly emerging PC Appliance market." said Don Clegg, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Tyan Computer. Tomcat i810ef has a three-year manufacturer's warranty and is available in Q1.

Tomcat i810ef (S2420) Features

  • Intel 810e AGPset
  • Socket 370, 66/100/133 MHz FSB
  • Onboard AGP graphics with 4 MB 133 MHz Display Cache
  • Intel 810e AC97 Audio
  • Intel559 10/100 LAN Controller
  • 2*DIMM, PC100 SDRAM, Up to 512 MB
  • 2*PCI Slots
  • FlexATX Form Factor (9" x 7.5")

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at

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