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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Announces Intel® Dual Pentium® II Motherboard Family

New boards offer highest performance available, dual processors, system monitoring - (Only dual-processor motherboard tested and confirmed at 300MHz)

MILPITAS, California, May 7, 1997 - Tyan® Computer Corp., a leading developer of system boards and a long-time Intel OEM partner, today announced the Tahoe family of single and dual-processor AT/ATX-footprint motherboards, which offer the speed and performance of Intel's new  Pentium II (Klamath) Processor. Pentium II performance exceeds that of Sun Sparc in workstation applications. Individual Features -- designed for high-performance desktop applications, it features five 32-bit PCI bus master and four ISA slots; eight 72-pin SIMM sockets, expandable to 512MB EDO or FPM DRAM, and a Baby-AT form factor.

Tyan sets new performance standards for OEMs, VARs and System Integrators- building Pentium II - ready systems and for businesses upgrading to Intel's newest and fastest CPU.

The line includes the Tahoe AT (baby-AT form factor), Tahoe-A ATX (Intel ATX form factor with on-board Creative Labs sound), and Tahoe 2 ATX (dual processor ATX form factor).  All three boards support Intel's new Pentium II Processor with speeds of 233-300MHz and MMX Technology for enhanced multimedia performance. Tests certified the Tahoe 2 ATX board at a clock speed of 300MHz using two processors, making it the industry's fastest dual processor board, according to Tyan president Larry Barber.  In addition, the boards will support Intel's Pentium Pro Processor (150-200mhz) when used with Tyan's riser card (M2020), which allows field-upgradability from a single Pentium Pro all the way to dual Pentium IIs.

Tyan's Tahoe series speeds past the competition with its on-board Single Edge Contact-compatible (SEC) slot. Intel's SEC cartridge, which is being introduced with the Pentium II CPU, migrates the CPU and its external cache from the standard ZIF socket on the motherboard to a new daughtercard.  According to Tyan President, Larry Barber, SEC Technology is a significant development because it will permit faster CPU clock speeds.

The Tahoe series will ship in quantity this month to OEMs, system builders and dealers.  Suggested list prices are $299 for the Tahoe AT, $339 for the Tahoe-A ATX, and $399 for the Tahoe 2 ATX.

Tahoe AT

Tahoe-A ATX -- is the perfect system board for multimedia and telephony applications.  It includes on-board Creative Labs Vibra16 sound, upgradeable to wavetable synthesis.  The on-board feature provides state-of-the art sound technology, without the need for an add-in card, or additional hardware.  The motherboard includes four 32-bit PCI bus master, four ISA-slots and six 72-pin SIMM sockets providing up to 512MB EDO or FPM DRAM.

Tahoe 2 ATX -- targeted for the high-performance server market with its dual Pentium II or Pentium Pro Processor support.  It is upgradeable from one to two CPU's and features five 32-bit PCI bus master, three ISA slots and eight 72-pin SIMM sockets providing up to 512 MB EDO or FPM DRAM.

All Tyan Tahoe series motherboards take advantage of Intel's newest and fastest Natoma 440FX PCI chipset to ensure performance and compatibility, and support either Pentium Pro or Pentium II processors.

Other standard Tahoe board features include a new LM78 sensor chip, which protects the system from overheating and provides server-level system monitoring with on-board alarms for voltage, fan and heat; on-board switching voltage regulators.

For maximum I/O performance, and for easy connection to almost any peripheral device such as modems, hard drives, or CD-ROMs, the series feature on-board PCI EIDE and Super I/O with dual channel bus mastering ports (up to 22MB/sec), 2 floppy drive ports, 1 IR (infrared) I/O interface port, 2 serial ports, 1 ECP/ EPP parallel port, and twin USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports.  Tyan also offers a choice of Award or AMI Plug 'n' Play Flash BIOS.  All Tahoe motherboards are backed by a two year warranty.

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